When fans write the script – Germany’s first crowd film


“You always dreamed of working in the film business but could never realize your dream? You feel as though you’ve got hidden talents that you haven’t even discovered yourself? Or are you simply at the beginning of a very great career? Then it’s time to join us – become a Cascadeur!”
Taken from their homepage these are lines Cascadeur Film Productions team are using to attract creatives to participate in a very special production: Cascadeur Reloaded – Germany’s first ever crowd film.

crowd film
A scene from the original movie from 1998. Copyright: Cascadeur Film

The aim of the project is to produce a sequel of the 1998 action film “Cascadeur”, about an adventurous search for a hidden treasure in South America, starring Heiner Lauterbach and Regula Grauwiller. Nobody quite knows what the new film will be like, whether it will be a remake or a sequel because according to the crowdsourcing principle everyone can get involved. From the film script, to cutting and synchronization: anyone who is able to understand German can register as a Cascadeur and contribute their work; either at their home PC or in one of the “Cascadeur Community Camps” where things are discussed, planned and shaped. To ensure that too many creative cooks don’t spoil the film, at the end of the day it will be the experts who pull the strings. Producer Jimmy Gerum and director Hardy Martins who brought the first Cascadeur on the screen in the 1990s are now responsible for this unusual crowd venture. “Of course the democratic process is a risk but we believe that we can bundle visions and ideas. And yes, we will have to give the ‘amateur geniuses’ some instruction” said Gerum in an interview with the Merkur newspaper in Munich.

But first of all, the fantasy of the fans is unlimited and even if they don’t have any previous film experience they can still contribute to the final product: “Someone could spray a graffiti for a film scene or let their pet appear as an extra”, suggests Gerum.

The exact schedule of this type of project is uncertain, and when the film will finally reach the movie theaters or television screen is still written in the stars. However it is certain that the development process will take several years as in any other film.

Anyone can still get on board in the starting phase and make decisions about who, when and how will search for the amber chamber or another treasure. As an inspiration you can take a look at the original film released in 1998:

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Roberto Nunez del Prado 19.09.2012, 04:32:09 Uhr


Hallo, Ich bin Roberto, Ich bin aus Bolivien, Ich liebe Filme und Ich will im dieses project werken, ich kenne ein bischen uber Skripte und ich arbeite als ein Graphic Designer mit After Effects, Premier, Photoshop und Illustrator, Ich wohne in Colombia jetzt, sagt mir in was kann ich hilfe, grusse!

rolyn 26.09.2012, 13:00:22 Uhr


A fun venture. This film also eventful! What an action. Franckly I cannot image me hanging fly on the tail of a plan. Fine joke!