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In 2009, Greenpeace decided that it was time to retire the legendary Rainbow Warrior II and launch a new green vessel. In contrast to its predecessor, Rainbow Warrior III will be built from new and according to ecological aspects. It will not only be the base for future campaigns, but also function as a lab and communication center.

Since Greenpeace will not accept donations from governments or corporations the entire funding of the 23 million euro project had to be financed in other ways. Together with a team of web designers, they built an interactive online shop where anyone interested in the project could purchase a piece of the new vessel. All kinds of items, from forks for one euro to portholes for 300 euro, were available. The purchased items were contributed directly to Greenpeace. However the co-creation aspect was increased by the fact that the donors received a certificate documenting their purchase and their names were immortalized on a flag in the conference room of the vessel.

Looking back, the project has been a complete success. After being commissioned in 2009, Rainbow Warrior III was ready to make her maiden voyage from the shipyard near Bremen in October 2011.

Unfortunately the donation web page is no longer available, but as can be seen on the photo below, the user was offered a full tour of the vessel. One could access all the areas of the vessel and select an item to purchase. In addition, there was also an overview of the history of the organization as well as a live broadcast of current work on the vessel. The percentage of completion rate was displayed at the bottom left.

At the moment, information about the vessel, its whereabouts and its current mission are available at

Rainbow Warrior III is mainly being used as a campaign ship. It is perfectly equipped with an office, a large conference room, multimedia workstations, broadband Internet access, a helipad and a wet room for the equipment and inflatable boats. It is well known fact that the inflatable boats are an essential part of the protest actions. The new vessel and its 30-man crew will play a key role in the fight to stop overfishing of the oceans, the deforestation of tropical forests and other issues.

On board the Rainbow Warrior III, garbage is sorted, seawater is converted into drinking water and bilge water is thoroughly cleaned. The vessel is equipped with both a diesel and electric engine with particularly fine filters, but its main propulsion will come from 1,300 sq meters of sail. Solar propulsion has not worked out yet. Yet it still became a green vessel, also as a result of the financial support provided by more than 100 000 ecologically interested Internet users.

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