A future for Europe – Myropa2012

31.10.2012 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Recently, the European Union has hit the headlines mainly as the result of negative press: either the debate centers on the Greek departure or expulsion from the Euro zone, or on one the many bailout programs for the weakened mutual currency. But if you take a closer look, you will see that it’s only about money and economy. Nobody speaks about the European idea, the cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence of many languages and nationalities, and the political opportunities the European Union offers.

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The Top 10 crowdsourcing-fails (places five to one)

23.10.2012 clickworker blog 3 Comments

The Internet community can create and realize terrific ideas. But they also take a mischievous pleasure in exploiting situations in which large corporations leave themselves open to attack. Proceed to part two of the greatest crowdsourcing fails here…

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The Top 10 crowdsourcing-fails (places ten to six)

16.10.2012 clickworker blog 2 Comments

Crowdsourcing is very fashionable. Why should a company provide huge budgets to product designers and ad-geeks, when they could basically outsource their entire marketing department to Facebook fans and then revel in their success as a social media fox. Whether a shower gel (dm) or a microwave meal (Maggi Topfino), join-in contests are very popular. However some PR managers haven’t bargained on the mischievous streak that can prevail in the Internet community. Here is part one of the greatest crowdsourcing fails…

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25 become 50 – Our rating system is being revised

11.10.2012 clickworker blog 7 Comments

You are given an individual rating for every workitem you process on clickworker.com. Depending on how good or bad it turns out, it affects your rating as an author, translator or web researcher. We will be making a few changes in the rating system shortly. These changes are primarily designed to ensure that your ratings are less susceptible to extreme evaluations, and keep decreases moderate.

What will change? Two items.

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Greenpeace’s greenest vessel


In 2009, Greenpeace decided that it was time to retire the legendary Rainbow Warrior II and launch a new green vessel. In contrast to its predecessor, Rainbow Warrior III will be built from new and according to ecological aspects. It will not only be the base for future campaigns, but also function as a lab and communication center.

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