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26.11.2012 clickworker blog 1 Comment

When major television stations start their yearly fund-raising marathons many viewers feel that they would like to do something good for others. In the course of the evening, telephones, manned for the most part by prominent helpers, run hot and the amount of money donated often increases at a tearing pace.

However one last hurdle remains: where will the money that has been donated actually go and how much of it will reach the needy?

Over the last five years, this question has been answer by the platform. Anyone who supports a project on Germany’s largest fund-raising platform knows exactly where their help is going and whom it reaches.

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LEGO Cuusoo – Crowdsourcing Platform for Toys

05.11.2012 clickworker blog 5 Comments

LEGO takes pride in its image as a manufacturer of creative toys that also manages to stimulate the imagination of its customers. This fits in with the Lego ideas crowdsourcing platform launched in the fall of 2011, where motivated fans can design their own models that, with a bit of luck, might even be produced. A dream come true for many boys and girls! You have to be 18 years old to participate in the design contest, but LEGO fans can vote if they are 13 or older.

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