"Easy" or "Complex"? Tasks are now listed with levels of difficulty


Newcomers to our website sometimes have difficulties in tackling the general scheme of things at clickworker.com. One of the most common problems is starting with the hardest tasks instead of selecting a task that matches ones own abilities.

To simplify this settling-in period, avoid initial frustration and continue to improve the quality of our text creation orders we will categorize the text creation tasks into [EASY], “medium” or [COMPLEX!]. The given level will also be indicated in the name of the project.

Easy category

Easy projects are projects that do not require a large amount of previous work experience on clickworker.com. To access the projects, you will only need to pass the qualifications with a good result. The work requirements for this category are simple and do not include additional technical specifications, such as difficult keywords. In most cases these tasks do not involve a large amount of research.

Medium category

In projects that are listed as “medium”, the job instructions and handling of the task demand a higher degree of compliance and awareness. They include abstract style specifications such as “positive text” or “promotional” that must be applied. Clickworkers working on these projects will be expected to incorporate complex keywords with filler words and do thorough research. In contrast to the easy and complex categories, the medium projects will NOT be specifically marked and their appearance will remain the same.

Complex category

Complex tasks are characterized by extensive job instructions that demand extremely exact implementation in addition to a high minimum word count. The technical requirements greatly exceed those in the other two categories. The projects in this category call for a certain amount of previous work experience on the Clickworker platform because they can probably not be satisfactorily processed otherwise, which in turn would result in rejection of the task and the devaluation of the Clickworker. Projects that are marked [COMPLEX!] can only be attempted when you know “how the land lies.”A Clickworker can only see complex jobs once he/she has successfully finished a certain number of other text creation jobs.


Further improvements are planned for the near future. For example clearer optical categorization and a filter/sorting function. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to send them to us, either directly here as a comment or through any one of the other channels.

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Jana Rademacher

Jana Rademacher, Community ManagementJana Rademacher, Community Management

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Prado Carranza, Anna-Katharina 24.12.2012, 20:10:44 Uhr


Hallo und frohe Weihnachten.

Ich stehe schon seit Wochen ohne Arbeitsauftraege und ich frage mich ob ich was falsch gemacht habe.

Ich hatte mich einmal als Uebersetzerin qualifizieren wollen. bin aber leider in dem Test durchgefallen. Ich spreche mexikanisches Spanisch und kein Castellano und die Redewendungen und Traditionen sind sehr unterschiedlich und auch der Gebrauch von Woertern. Ich war es nicht gewohnt, das Castellano zu hoeren.

Seit 1 Jahr bin ich die Uebersetzerin des deutschen Konsulats in Guadalajara, in Englisch, Spanisch, Deutsch.

Ich moechte gerne viel mehr Auftraege haben aber ich weiss nicht, wie ich das erreichen kann.
Bitte helfen Sie mir.

Anna Prado

Cristian Rodriguez 02.01.2013, 04:46:35 Uhr


Easy category

HANS BRAASCH 02.01.2013, 15:48:31 Uhr


Thank you very much for the valuable information that will helpful…


Hans Braasch

monicav 03.01.2013, 15:25:18 Uhr


I am a newcomer and did not notice task levels on the assignments I completed. Several of my assignments were rejected and brought my score down. Where do I look to find task level, and how can I bring my score up so that I can get more assignments?

Daniel Marz 03.01.2013, 17:45:16 Uhr


Hallo Anna,

Haben Sie eventuell Arbeitszeugnisse Ihrer Tätigkeit für das Deutsche Konsulat? Dann könnten Sie diese bei uns hochladen und eventuell auf diesem Weg als Übersetzer freigeschaltet werden.

Daniel Marz 03.01.2013, 17:50:21 Uhr


Dear Monica,

Currently, the task level is indicated in the title of the project. It either says “[EASY] title of project” or [COMPLEX] title of project”. Those without any level mentioned are of “normal” difficulty.
For the future, we are planning to visualize this much better, maybe with filters, different colours, icons etc.

As long as you can work in projects, continuous good work will increase your score over time, but it will take its time.

Germancho 07.01.2013, 14:09:41 Uhr


Felicidades en este año.
Importante dinamizar los proyectos para los Clickworker, ubicarlos con información de los mismos y en forma clara para no quedar en la nebulosa y llegado el caso, determinar si es apto o no para desarrollar cualesquiera de los proyectos que maneja la compañía y así se motiva a los participante o se decide sobre su posible vinculación.
Abrazo cordial

Fabio Morales 07.01.2013, 23:46:51 Uhr


I find the translation Assessment test ambiguous and misleading. There should be only ONE right answer for each question(not “multiple choice”). I remember one item from the English -> Spanish test where a sentence was grammatically correct but it was rejected because the passive tense is uncommon in Spanish. That’s right, but one should distinguish very well questions of grammar from questions of style (and the boundary is not always clear). On other items the explanations given on the alterantives did not always look convincing to me. Another useful suggestion might be for you to specify a separate time limit for each answer, since it is otherwise difficult to have an idea of how much time one has left.

Jana Rademacher 14.01.2013, 14:54:01 Uhr


Dear Germán,
Thanks a lot for your feedback! We always try to improve as do our Clickworker. Unfortunately my Spanish writing skills aren’t good enough to answer in Spanish.

Jana Rademacher 14.01.2013, 14:57:25 Uhr


Dear Fabio,
I will give your feedback to the team that develops the assessments. Keep up the good work!

Olga 24.01.2013, 10:15:49 Uhr



Ich würde mich freuen, mehrere Aufträge zu haben. Ich bin qualifiziert, habe Germanistik und Anglistik fertig studiert und verfüge über Jahrelang Erfahung im Übersetzen. Was fehlt mir und mehrere Aufträge zu bekommen…?

Ich würde mich freuen auf eine Antwort,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Jana Rademacher 24.01.2013, 12:45:25 Uhr


Hallo Olga,
wir haben leider zur Zeit keine Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzungen. Am besten machst du so viele von unseren Qualifizierungen wie möglich und arbeitest auch an anderen Jobs.

Liebe Grüße

Luciana 26.01.2013, 13:44:09 Uhr



I am a new entry…are there jobs in this moment?..and where can I looking for it?

Jana Rademacher 28.01.2013, 12:00:06 Uhr


Dear Luciana,
when you log into your account you see potential jobs on the first page. It says “welcome Luciana…” and below are the jobs on offer. If you see nothing there, it means that there are no jobs for you at the moment. YOu need to do as many assessments as possible in order to get more jobs. The assessments can also be found in your inbox. Click on “assessments” in the upper left headline.

Luciana 29.01.2013, 10:01:25 Uhr


Thank Jana…but I can’t see no jobs availables for me…UFFA..!!..Why?…

Jana Rademacher 31.01.2013, 11:21:50 Uhr


Dear Luciana,
I can’t say for sure, but we probably do not have any jobs in your language. If you write an email to help@clickworker.com we can have a look at your account.

Diana Alpízar 04.02.2013, 20:26:33 Uhr


I´m in the easy category!!!
Help me to get some jobs!!!

Cristina 21.02.2013, 18:03:56 Uhr


Good morning, I’m Cristina Dell’Occa, I’m a new entry. I made the base Assessment and my score are very good, but I don’t find the translation Assessment test, why?
And I look for a job, every day, but I don’t find one, why?

Nadine Hampel 22.02.2013, 09:57:40 Uhr


There are no translation jobs so far, so we tool the assessment for this section offline again. At the moment, you can only upload certificates to add the option of being recognized as translator in the first place. Your scores are very good, but Italian jobs are seldom at some times. there will be new ones soon, we suppose.

Cristina 22.02.2013, 14:56:06 Uhr


Thanks, but where I can upload certificates?

Michael Proch 08.10.2013, 17:44:17 Uhr



ich bin jetzt seit ein paar Tagen angemeldet und habe 2 Qualifikationen absolviert und auch bestanden, sehr gut sogar.

Wann kann ich Aufträge erwarten und vor allem lese ich oft was von “arbeite an anderen Jobs”. Wo finde ich auf dieser Seite Jobs die ich mit meiner Qualifizierung annehmen kann?


Homepage 10.10.2013, 08:21:55 Uhr


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