"Easy" or "Complex"? Tasks are now listed with levels of difficulty

20.12.2012 clickworker blog 22 Comments

Newcomers to our website sometimes have difficulties in tackling the general scheme of things at clickworker.com. One of the most common problems is starting with the hardest tasks instead of selecting a task that matches ones own abilities.

To simplify this settling-in period, avoid initial frustration and continue to improve the quality of our text creation orders we will categorize the text creation tasks into [EASY], “medium” or [COMPLEX!]. The given level will also be indicated in the name of the project.

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Rolling Jubilee – Remission of debts in the age of crowdfunding

13.12.2012 clickworker blog 2 Comments

You'd think everyone would enjoy outwitting the large banks and private debt collectors. The Rolling Jubilee project, an offshoot from the Occupy Wallstreet Movement and Strike Debt!, is trying to clear the debts of private households in the United States with the help of crowdfunding.

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UNICEF wants your ideas

03.12.2012 clickworker blog 7 Comments

All over the world children live in poverty and war, without access to education, medical care or a working health system. UNICEF has worked on improving the conditions of life of children for years. Since UNICEF is a non-profit organization and there is always a money shortage, they started the UNICEF Innovation Platform in August 2012 to further social change

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