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You can earn extra money with microjobs on textbroker.de or content.de , however, the tasks are mainly in the text sector. Founded in 2005, the Clickworker system provides a variety of job opportunities. There are currently 310,000 jobbers registered with Clickworker. According to company particulars, approximately 100,000 are from Germany.

According to company spokeswoman Ines Maione, “most of the jobs are in the text creation, web research and categorization sectors.” The texts are generally descriptions of products or offers and consist of 200 – 400 words. Research jobs usually involve the verification or adjustment of existing addresses.

The charity project around the German Webvideopreis 2013 of the European Web Video Academy in cooperation with Clickworker.

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Every Clickworker has probably had a similar experience: you take the qualification tests and eagerly wait for the first jobs. But you sometimes miss jobs because you don't always have your start page open. However, there are ways of seeing the jobs more quickly and also more securely as soon as they are put online.

Another common situation can arise when you work weekends or late at night, the support is not staffed, and you have a problem. Is there any way of getting some help? We have expanded our social media offers at clickworker.com. This means that questions and problems can be answered more quickly and that Clickworkers have quicker access to information. Find out what information we are providing on the respective platforms here.

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