North Korea’s secrets are revealed – new detailed maps on Google Maps


North Korea is probably one of the most secret places in the world. As a result of years of seclusion and strict censorship hardly any news gets out. Residents of North Korea were equally unable to obtain foreign information. All the more surprising is the fact that Google was now been able to fill the formerly empty map of North Korea with places of interest, streets and even the notorious Yodŏk concentration camp.

Größere Kartenansicht

Map Maker

This map was not charted with the help of the well-known Google camera vehicles. The task was given to the crowd and satellite images were collected. With the lMap Maker Too that is not available in Germany, residents, visitors to North Korea and interested persons can edit the maps. Google Map Maker has been online since 2008. Registered users can edit maps, add places of interest or upload pictures. Google Map Maker is not available in every country, but new countries are being added regularly.


The new details on the North Korean map are probably most interesting for South Koreans with relatives in North Korea. In North Korea, Internet access is only available to officials and functionaries loyal to the regime. Anyone else can only access censored, domestic sites; access to the Google pages remains blocked.

Google is aware that the maps are not perfect yet, but thanks to the use of Map Maker and well-informed North and South Koreans, civilians are getting a glimpse of North Korean topography and urbanism that has remained unseen until now.

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Rick 01.03.2013, 22:10:18 Uhr


And now we wait for North Korea to shut down the website because they don’t want people to know what is going on there…