Clickworker is supporting animal welfare campaigners in Italy


Crowdfunding is getting more and more popular. An increasing number of visionaries and creative persons are presenting their ideas on special internet platforms and asking the Crowd for financial support. Clickworker would like to contribute here too. Every two months, we will place a link to three different projects on our Facebook page and let you decide which actions should be supported. We then present the winning project on our social media channels and blog, while making a donation.

The first round of our voting session has finished and we are happy to announce our support of the “1000 Stones for Dogs in Italy” project, which was selected by our Facebook fans.

Clickworker is supporting animal welfare campaigners
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The association, “Tierschutzprojekt Italien e.V.” , is trying to improve the situation of stray dogs in Italy and standing up against the dreadful conditions in Italian dog homes. The animal shelter “OASI Vita Nuova”, where dogs will not only find shelter, but also medical care, is currently being built in Apulia. “It is high time to demonstrate that even an “animal shelter” can be a meeting-place between man and animals. It is also time to show how a “Dog Shelter” should be, so that the dogs can feel at home, while they are in temporary care”, wrote Julia Plugge, the person responsible for the platform , where the association is asking for donations from the Crowd. The animal welfare campaigners constantly inform on the progress of the works with photos, videos, and travel reports to let the donors know how their donations are being spent. “Over the last few months, we were able to help many dogs and continue with the construction of the Oasi shelter. Both the electrical power and a caravan were installed at the site, which greatly facilitates the work of the animal welfare campaigners. However, we are a step closer to our most important target: the animal home. This is thanks to all your help! The next important step is now the construction of a quarantine station”, wrote Plugge. 22% of the project has already been financed, so the association hopes to find the remaining 7.750 euro through support from the Crowd.

We are still looking for support non-profit or creative projects worthy of support for our next voting session. Please send your suggestions with a link and brief description to

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jutta orovala 28.04.2013, 10:51:22 Uhr


I am so pleased to read that you are supporting animal welfare campaigners in Italy! I myself have adopted two dogs from Spain to Finland. I also upgrade my webpage that informs of the animal welfare assosiations working here in Finland and also of the dogshelters all around the world.

As you are still looking for a new projects worth of support I suggest one dogshelter in Canary Island (Gran Canary)- Albergue de Banaderos

Finnish Mtv3 made a report of this shelter recently. Due to the recession in Spain the dogs (and cats) are abandonded more than ever. The shelter gets 40 % of the funds from the local authorities and the rest as donations. The director of the shelter said that they need campaingns of education for the local people not to abandon dogs and cats. The treating especially of the hounddogs (canarian podencos) on these islands is very bad. I have seen it myself that hounddogs are kept in caves in Gran Canary.

I think that supporting very publicly this shelter would give a signal to the tourisism authorities of the islands that much more should be done financially and educationally.

I would be very happy to mediate with the shelter and Clicworkers in case you decide to support the shelter, volunterily, of course

Yours Sincerely,

Jutta Orovala