Moving things with the Crowd:

“Petition 2.0” – that is the objective of and the way they work. The Crowdsourcing platform embraces a political problem, lets the users vote, and then collects signatures for the corresponding movement. The users can also suggest new projects to be supported.

Moving things with the Crowd

Since 2007, this Platform with headquarters in New York has been mobilizing people all around the world in order to influence the decisions made by politicians and other responsible persons. This is how the Crowd interests have shown and promoted. They are given a big voice composed of lots of individual ones. That is exactly what “Avaaz” means – since the translation of this term in many languages is actually “voice”.

Who has never heard or even uttered the sentence “What can I do about it?” Avaaz provides the platform to change that. The supporting organisations and projects include, for example, the legal defence of Indian women, a counter-movement against the expulsion of the Massai, or the protection of endangered elephants in Asia. You can even click on the “About Us” page and get to know the individual members of the organisation from every corner of the globe by reading the short Member Stories written by the members themselves. So there is not exactly a dark grey mass behind the project as one would expect. Some members even met up in this way and started actions together.

Moving things with the Crowd

Avaaz empowers everyone to start off their own campaign there. In this case, it is necessary to have the exact concept already worked out. All the objectives, possibilities, and contact persons to be supported or required must be detailed before the Petition is put online. Some pictures are also very helpful. Of course, some of the proposed petitions cannot be taken seriously, such as the reconstruction of the Berlin Wall, but most of the issues are very serious and important. A wide distribution of your own petition is ultimately the most solid basis for success. And there were quite a few successes: The Crowd helped the United Nations recognise Palestine as the world’s 194th state, supported a project for the education of Pakistani children and saved the coral reefs in Australia. These are only a few of the projects recently completed that had a decisive influence. A close collaboration with ambassadors, politicians, and organisations is decisive for a wide-spread and effective platform work. Avaaz has managed to organize the Crowd to organize themselves in order to really achieve something. Petition and supporting of petitions can contribute to make the world a little bit better. Every single voice really counts here.

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