Moving things with the Crowd:

“Petition 2.0” – that is the objective of and the way they work. The Crowdsourcing platform embraces a political problem, lets the users vote, and then collects signatures for the corresponding movement. The users can also suggest new projects to be supported. Read more

Clickworker is supporting animal welfare campaigners in Italy

11.04.2013 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Crowdfunding is getting more and more popular. An increasing number of visionaries and creative persons are presenting their ideas on special internet platforms and asking the Crowd for financial support. Clickworker would like to contribute here too. Every two months, we will place a link to three different projects on our Facebook page and let you decide which actions should be supported. We then present the winning project on our social media channels and blog, while making a donation.

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Sharing is Caring


Since CeBIT chose “Shareconomy” as their keynote theme in 2013, the term is now familiar to most Internet users. Originally, the term “Shareconomy” was coined by the economist, Martin Weitzman. However, in relation to Web 2.0 people have been talking about “Shared Economy” for a while now. Why buy anything, if the Internet offers the possibility to rent practically everything, either against payment or completely free of charge. You can even find a local user with the suitable item for rent straight away thanks to the modern apps.

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