From Customer Queries to Clickworker Jobs in a Few Steps


What do customers who want to outsource a large job actually do? They give it to our clickworkers. However, there are a few steps until the job actually gets there.

First of all, they get in touch with one of our contact partners in our Sales Department. If this is the first customer contact, a general inquiry is normally made to the Sales Department by a customer who may later become a Crowdsourcer. In both cases, the customer discusses the project and the deadline with the Sales Department. Once the project instructions are prepared, all data uploaded, and the contract signed, the tasks go into production.

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Now we get started!

The Solutions Team is responsible for dividing up the tasks into clickworker-size portions and feeding them into the system. The Solutions Team is also in charge of the project management of the individual batches (task groups) until the completion of the project. They are always on hand to provide support, if there are any problems with tasks or complete batches.

Sometimes new applications or apps may be required to complete a project. In this case, our Technical Department may have to step in. They can programme and repair just about anything that is sent their way.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance management is required to ensure constant excellent quality for the customer. And for us too. Our Quality Management is responsible for designing and checking the corresponding qualifications, among other things. When a new order is being processed, it is the Quality Management team who designs the so-called filter and introduces it into the system.

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For example:

Imagine Groupon would like to contract some new Spanish voucher texts on the subject of cars. In this case, the filters must be set so that only native Spanish clickworkers, who are interested in cars and have obtained an author evaluation of at least X%, will see these tasks later in their list of jobs.


If there are any errors in the individual tasks, or the clickworkers have any problems with storing texts, placing keywords correctly, or similar issues, they will contact the Community Management team (link to the article Community Management). Although it may be necessary to contact other departments to resolve some issues, any problems that can be solved immediately are dealt with by the Community Management themselves. They are also at the disposition of the clickworkers with advice and assistance.

All departments at Clickworker work closely together and are in constant contact with each other. This is important so that any problems can be detected and rectified immediately. Our aim is to provide the best possible services not only for our customers, but also for our clickworkers. Therefore, we are always happy to receive constructive feedback.


Last, but not least. Who pays the clickworkers? The customers or Clickworker? The customers only pay the agreed amount at the end of a project, after completion and when all texts/research have been delivered. However, clickworkers cannot wait that long for their payment. Therefore, Clickworker pays them in accordance with the selected payment method either once a month, or once a week.

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Jana Rademacher

Jana Rademacher, Community ManagementJana Rademacher, Community Management

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