Summer, Sun, and Holidays Greetings back home


The bags are packed and the plane ticket already booked. Loads of clickworkers are busy with the last preparations at the moment and looking forward to sunbathing, sightseeing and discovering new cities. But even if you cannot afford a holiday, you don’t have to miss out on some nice pictures from faraway places – if we can help it!


So help us to heat up the Community with your holiday fever! Are you ready for the trip or already chilling out on the balcony? Perfect! Then send us a holiday postcard with greetings* for the Clickworker community by the end of August.

This is how the action works:

Bild: flickr User Flaxe
Image: flickr – User Flaxe

Send the postcard to the following address:
Büropark Bredeney
Hatzper Str. 34
45149 Essen

We will digitalise your postcards and make them available for all the other clickworkers via our Facebook Fan page, in the Clickworker Lounge and on our Google+ page.

Bild: flickr User
Image: flickr User

Have a look now and then in our Communities to get stoked by the holiday fever. If there is any postcard that you particularly like, the sender will be delighted to receive a “like” or a comment.

Holiday budget…

Bild: flickr User esperales
Bild: flickr User esperales

Of course, we will be happy to pay for the postal costs. Please send us an email with your user name and a short note of the incurred postal costs with the reference “Postcard” to As soon as your holiday greetings arrive, we will credit the amount to your Clickworker Account.

The Community Team from Clickworker wishes you all a lovely holiday and a lot of fun.

*:Please write your postcards in either German or English so that all clickworkers can read and understand your greetings.

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Maria Amparo de Pablo 08.09.2013, 20:22:59 Uhr


Hello Mandy.
My summer hollydays have been this week, on September.
Am I able to send you tomorrow my postcards with greetings???
I have it and I only have to by the postage stamp.

mandy 10.09.2013, 12:04:57 Uhr


Hi Maria,

We would love to share your postcard with the Clickworker community.
Feel free to send it to us and we will refund your expenses for the stamp. ;)

Kind Regards