Clickworker Primed for More Growth Thanks to the New Mobile Crowdsourcing Solution


With the release of its new “Mobile Crowdsourcing” service, Clickworker has once again expanded its portfolio of crowdsourcing solutions for business customers. The new solution is built around a proprietary mobile app that allows the crowd to handle micro-tasks such as gathering data and photos directly from a smartphone.

Clickworker has been developing and offering crowdsourcing solutions for the B2B field for over five years now. The full-service portfolio of solutions encompasses the areas of text creation / SEO texts, web research, categorization and tagging of data, image, sound and video material, as well as translations. The new solution, “Mobile Crowdsourcing” was developed in response to frequent requests from companies needing a large volume of photos and current, locally collected data.

With a broad palette of crowdsourcing solutions and a rapidly growing international crowd (currently 450,000 so-called ‘clickworkers’), Clickworker is Europe’s leading provider of paid crowdsourcing. The clickworkers live in 136 countries across the world. Depending on the customer’s desires, they can collect or evaluate data on site or take photos with their smartphones. Typical applications for the new “Mobile Crowdsourcing” solution are: on-site verification of data for addresses, company headquarters, geodata and on-site photos of restaurants, menus, sightseeing highlights and buildings. Equipped with a mobile app developed specially for the new solution, clickworkers transmit all data to the platform. From there it is subjected to a quality check and then transmitted to the customer.

“We are always receptive to customer queries for tasks not yet covered by our current portfolio and which challenge us to find new approaches. This is how our new ‘Mobile Crowdsourcing’ solution was developed. One customer asked us whether we could take exterior photos of establishments. Further similar requests were followed. So we rolled up our sleeves and developed a new product,” says Christian Rozsenich, Managing Director at Clickworker.

Clickworker handles all aspects of the workflow, from consultation and project design to quality assurance and screening and payment of the clickworkers. A detailed profile is created for each registered clickworker, ensuring that tasks are assigned to precisely the right clickworker whose profile matches the job requirements.

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