Newcomer’s guide- Clickworker profile and qualifications

12.08.2013 clickworker blog 22 Comments

Are you new at Clickworker and don’t quite know where to start? This article might provide some help.

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Summer, Sun, and Holidays Greetings back home

02.08.2013 clickworker blog 2 Comments

The bags are packed and the plane ticket already booked. Loads of clickworkers are busy with the last preparations at the moment and looking forward to sunbathing, sightseeing and discovering new cities. But even if you cannot afford a holiday, you don’t have to miss out on some nice pictures from faraway places – if we can help it!


So help us to heat up the Community with your holiday fever! Are you ready for the trip or already chilling out on the balcony? Perfect! Then send us a holiday postcard with greetings* for the Clickworker community by the end of August.

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From old to new – the new Clickworker profile

01.08.2013 clickworker blog 25 Comments

Things are really moving at clickworker! Since the Clickworker profile is getting a bit old, we decided to renew everything. And now we proudly present the new Clickworker Profile. But don’t worry – this only affects the User Profile – Workplace, Work History etc. all remain unchanged.

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