Tips for Authors 1.0 – In the beginning was the text

26.09.2013 clickworker blog 5 Comments
1.) Before starting – Work Instructions do not bite!

Each text creation job on has a detailed Work Instruction attached, which summarises all the details relevant for a successful completion of the tasks. Before beginning a task, it is very important to read the instructions carefully. They provide the necessary information, but can also give some preliminary indications on the style of the text required.

Please ask yourself the following questions when reading the Work Instructions:

How long should the created text be? What is the target audience?
How should the reader be addressed?
Should the keywords be included/searched/tagged?
What is the required text content?
Is any special formatting required?

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Mobile crowdsourcing at Clickworker

03.09.2013 clickworker blog 19 Comments

Can you really earn money with your smartphone? Yes you can! At Clickworker you can now process small tasks with your smartphone. We have developed a crowdsourcing app that enables clickworkers to use their smartphones to work on mobile crowdsourcing projects and to upload pictures of POIs (points of interest.) For instance a task that involves taking pictures of several stores in a shopping street.

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