Short Story Competition: Show me how you write, and I’ll tell you who you are!


At present, there are nearly 80.000 qualified writers registered at who can create texts for our customers in 18 languages.

While many orders for text creation are successfully terminated every day, we often ask the question: ‘what individual personalities are actually behind the submitted texts’?

Spirit of the time/Zeitgeist: Today was tomorrow only yesterday…


Leave your literary footprints at and send us your best short story in either German or English by 24.11.13 at the latest with “Short Story” in the subject line to!

The stories submitted will be published in our blog. Our new evaluation function allows the story that inspired the most Clickworkers to be voted on. You can vote for the best stories until 30.11.13.

The three winners of the Short Story Competition will receive a cash prize of 50€ and a printed edition of the Clickworker eBook “Zeitgeist“ containing a selection of the stories submitted.

The following tips could be helpful for writing short stories:

Short stories normally consist of:

camera-196018_1280 – a short text narrated over a short period of time;
– one/few main characters briefly introduced;
– no introduction, or only a brief one;
– a direct order of events, without any leaps in time or change in locations;
– an open and surprising final to inspire the reader to reflect;
– a short story is meant to be read in one go;
– theme of most short stories is episodes of daily life of the main characters.


– Languages: German/English
– Only one story may be submitted by each author
– Length: 200-1500 words
– Theme: Spirit of the times/Zeitgeist
– Deadline: 24.11.13


– By email with “Kurzgeschichte/Short Story“ in the subject line to
– Story as attachment in DOC, TXT ODT, or RTF format
– Include in the email a brief description of yourself (2-5 sentences), which can be used if your story is published in the eBook.


You must have the copyright for the stories submitted. By submitting your stories, you agree to the conditions of participation and confer us the right to publish your text in our blog, and eventually in the free Clickworker eBook too under your user name. You can also feel free to publish your text anywhere else.

Have fun!

EDIT: Thank you for all your submissions! We will read them gradually and put them online as blog articles. Please appreciate, that we can’t use all of your stories, as we got a huge number of submissions.

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

17 Kommentare

Onku Ghosh 30.10.2013, 09:37:38 Uhr


I am interested in participating and will be sending the story shortly
Onku Ghosh

Beatriz 30.10.2013, 18:07:27 Uhr


Can someone explain me better what’s the theme?

sweet 30.10.2013, 23:07:33 Uhr


i am also interested, will be sending the story shortly

Sabri 31.10.2013, 13:16:18 Uhr


I entered now to wait and see if anyone enjoys what I wrote.
Hope my entry suits the theme. Cool competition.

Josselien 01.11.2013, 00:00:29 Uhr


Why is it that the submission deadline is 24/11, while voting for best story closes 20/11, four days earlier?

Inês 01.11.2013, 01:09:38 Uhr


I have a question… We can submit the texts until the 24th of November but voting is only until the 20th of November? Is that an error?

A 01.11.2013, 08:18:00 Uhr


Where do we go to vote?

Maria 01.11.2013, 12:27:23 Uhr


I’m interested, but I will only write the English language. Is that a problem?

mandy 06.11.2013, 09:37:45 Uhr


We installed a new plugin for the voting. You can make your vote for each story right under the blog article.

mandy 06.11.2013, 09:38:46 Uhr


Actually this was a typing error. The voting ends on the 30th of November.

mandy 06.11.2013, 09:39:45 Uhr


Not at all. Feel free to write your story in English.

Gerald 11.11.2013, 23:39:26 Uhr


“Before the Past” by Daniel Sala. I enjoyed this story although he writes, at one point, of the passage of time in terms of generations. I like the confusion, nevertheless, between the past and the present as an intended artistic device. Punctuation is also artistically rendered with commas where normally there would have been full-stops. It gives the reader a sense of a loss of the passage of time. I would rate the piece 4 out of 5.

Sakura 17.11.2013, 04:44:36 Uhr


Guten Morgen zusammen :)
Ich habe meine Geschichte heute früh eingeschickt und bin gespannt auf die anderen Beiträge.
LG an alle :)

Ely 25.11.2013, 15:33:07 Uhr


where is my story “secrets from the past” I sent it two times

mandy 26.11.2013, 10:56:31 Uhr


Hi Ely,
As we received a bulk of stories, we had to select some of them for the contest. The time for submission ended last week and we received more than 220 stories. Thank you for all of your submissions. We hope you enjoy the other stories and are sure that your short story may get selected in the next short story competition. ;)

Lydia 02.12.2013, 14:43:15 Uhr


Ich habe meine Geschichte zwei mal eingereicht! Sie wurde überhaupt nicht reingestellt. -.-‘

celine luggage 06.11.2014, 15:38:28 Uhr


good articles