How to catch a Culprit – by Jason Fernandes


“Sir! Someone has put a scratch mark with a pen, behind your shirt.” Exclaimed one of my colleagues. I had just got up from my desk and was moving towards the coffee machine. “Shit” I thought, “who could have done it?”
“We’re waiting from a long time” The elder one quipped. “We’re hungry as hell, what took you guys so long?”
pen-62373_640 I changed my trajectory and veered towards the washroom. I could hear a few giggles behind me. I entered the washroom. Luckily it was empty; I stood in front of the mirror. “Do I really look that stupid” I said this aloud, then remembered someone could be sitting inside the toilet. I turned and slowly looked around; fortunately all the three cubicles were empty. Heaving a sigh of relief I turned my back and looked at the reflection in the mirror. “Damn” I cursed, I couldn’t see a thing. Feeling depressed I moved out of the wash room.
“Sir!” someone called out from behind, “Someone……” I held up my hand silencing him, “I know” I said “you’re talking about the scratch mark on the back of my shirt, Right?” “No, “he looked perplexed, “Someone is trying to call you, your phone was ringing constantly.”
Oh my gosh I remembered now, I had forgotten to call my wife, this bloody scratch mark issue had really pissed me off. And now I’m forgetting the things I needed to do. I rushed to my desk; anxiously I dialed my better half’s no. Breathing heavily I waited for her to respond.
“Hey” was a sweet voice response, “Busy?” she asked.
“No yaar, busy in the loo” I replied with a sigh of relief. I could sense the smile on the other side.
“Just called to remind you that we need to go shopping in the evening” She spoke very gently.
“Ya, sure I remember” I replied, “I’ll be home soon” saying this I replaced the receiver.
The evening was a little boring; shopping with the ladies is really a nightmare. I pretended to be busy with my cell phone, sending and receiving jokes and stuff, while my wife was indulging in window shopping.
“That was quick wasn’t it!” she exclaimed. A satisfied look on her face.
“Wow!” I gleamed “World record, fastest shopping, clocked at 1 hr 55 mins.”
She ignored my sarcasm, “Well, most of the shopping is for you and the kids” She started. “You never give me time to shop for myself.”
I knew where this was going, it was better to shut up now.
We drove silently home; our kids greeted us with cold stares.
“Sorry guys” I waved out. “We were doing some household shopping, it take some time.”
“There are some wafer packets and some farsan” instructed my wife.
“Yeeaa !” shouted my little one.

In the evening my wife was doing the laundry; suddenly she comes up to me with one of my shirts. I was busy watching TV.
“What’s going on?” she asked me holding up my shirt and blocking my view.
I was surprised, “Well, what about?” I asked her back.
“Who makes these scratch marks with a pen on your back?” she questioned me.
I was taken aback, “What?” I was flabbergasted “Which shirt?”
I asked her.
“The one that you wore yesterday, and the one that you wore the day before” She looked at me with scornful eyes.

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