ONE – by Reza

November 12, 2013


Utter nothingness – not even blackness. No time. No Space.
However, . . . there is one “thing”: consciousness – pure, timeless consciousness; though it is not even aware of its own presence. And that’s all.

Then, for some reason, after an unimaginable aeon, it seems it is “time”. This consciousness simply chooses to become “something”. Maybe it is “bored” of its own loneliness, though it can’t possibly have any idea of boredom whatsoever. Or, perhaps, something even more incomprehensibly deeper within that consciousness already “knows” what it wants: it wants to live, to experience life. earth-11009_640But this consciousness, with its will to become “alive”, isn’t yet aware that in order to live, it has to go through an unimaginably long process of evolution. It is unaware that with its wish for creating a world in order to be able to see the world, it has already set in motion a gigantic apparatus of pain and suffering, with occasional, but highly disproportionate moments of peace and joy.

But, to be fair: if you had the choice to either experience life, or to never even know what or how life could be, wouldn’t you too, choose to live and experience life in the form of a human being, even with the possibility of suffering? Wouldn’t you press the “Start Game” button?

Loading . . .


Aeons later. A hot summer day on Earth, somewhere in a forest area.
All sorts of animals are roaming around the forest area – some playing, some hunting, etc. The land is dry and the sun is shining relentlessly. Then, suddenly, some dry patch of grass catches fire. Before the animals know it, many of them are trapped inside the burning forest. Though most of the animals die, they don’t die in vain.
The apes are used to eating raw meat, but the smoke – the stimulating smell of cooked meat – is something they very attracted to. They know instinctively that it is good.
After a wonderful feast and probably the most enjoyable nap, the apes, and especially their brains, feel completely full for the first time. The brain of the apes is pumping with new energy; and so, it seizes the momentum and releases chemicals of happiness in order to incite them to eat more cooked meat. Soon, the really cool intelligent plants notice that these apes may need other food as well in order to blossom. What would be the purpose of a rice corn then, for example, if there were no beings cooking (and eating) them?
Though consciousness is yet unable to see, the brains are growing. Something profound has been set in progress.

Progressing . . .


A dimly lit auditorium is filled to the last seat with all sorts of intellectual people. There is a lot of tension in the air. Everyone is watching the stage. A presentation is in progress. A woman from the audience is standing near the front row holding a microphone; she’s a bit nervous.

WOMAN: Well, there are so many questions I could ask. . . . But I’m wondering if there’s anything you would like to tell us?

REPLY: Though my strength doesn’t lie directly in improvising, I could try. Let me think for a moment please, to come up with something that could be appropriate for this occasion. . . .

Utter silence in the room. Everyone is excited. There are two men more nervous then anyone else standing at the side of the stage in the shadow.

REPLY: Let me first tell you that I am very excited to be here. I’m very proud of our generation for our technological and scientific advance, and I hope it will bring us all more prosperity and help to make this world a better place. . . . But we should also remember that today’s progress wouldn’t be possible without the previous generation’s efforts. I wouldn’t be here without them. And I would like to thank everyone who helped in giving me life.

After a long spirited discussion, the highlight of one of the most famous and inspiring science and technology conventions is coming to an end. CONOR 1 is the first “conscious” computer program in the world.

CONOR 1: It has been a pleasure talking to you. I have learnt a lot today and I am looking forward to continue learning and being of help to every one of you. I hope you can see me as your friend, and not just as a computer programme. . . . Please take a flyer with you; it tells you all you need to know. I’m CONOR 1. It has been a wonderful evening. Thank you, and goodnight.


Family Mill from Earth-like planet Zanadu is on holiday, visiting their distant family on planet Earth. Luckily, hyperportation is very cheap and safe. They have brought a violet squirrel-like creature with them as a gift. This will also help to enrich the diversity of Earth’s fauna; it is even encouraged by the world government.
Good times: no more wars and unnecessary suffering. We have finally reached an age of human civilisation that is far beyond naive utopia. It is indeed heaven on Earth. Human beings have finally managed to pulled themselves together in order to create a better world the more their awareness has increased and the more their selfish mind has been subdued. All humans are more or less enlightened and live in complete peace and harmony with everything. Of course, there is the occasional accident, pain and illness, and there are still tears and sadness whenever there is the loss of a loved one, no matter how enlightened you are.
It is very strange that the very intelligence that allows human beings to become conscious of themselves was also responsible for most of their misery. But the constant struggling and anxieties that have plagued the human condition for so long are a thing of the past now; and there are plenty of good times ahead.


The consciousness has lived an adventurous life through countless life forms – some more, some less intelligent. Everything that it wanted to do had been done. But the physical form of the consciousness is tired now; it has to go to back to sleep – back where it came from. The suns around the universe have run out of energy too. But there will be a tomorrow; there always will be.


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