The Cage – by Inês Pereira


I wake up… I can’t believe I had the same dream again… I hate this… I hate all of this… I’m all sweaty… The sun is shining already, but it isn’t that hot… I can’t believe it… The same dream… night after night… The same dream… Time and time again… It’s been like this for ages… always the same dream…

I light a cigarette. It’s 7 AM. Too early to go to work. I turn on the TV. The news, commercials, cartoons… I turn it off again… I’m just going to take a shower… A long cold shower… That’s a good idea. A shower.

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David’s Commute – by Eric Robbins


David awoke with a start. Was he too late to get Jane out the door to her school bus? He fumbled for his cell-phone and checked the time. 6:40, not too late then, whew! Quickly he texted her, “Sweetie, school, hop up!” and waited for her reply after hearing the little notification jingle from her phone in the next room. app-141055_640While he waited, he checked the weather forecast on the little screen, hoping to have dry conditions for his walk to work. The day was predicted to provide seasonably cool weather with partly cloudy skies. Briefly he wondered which was cloudier, “partly cloudy” or “mostly sunny.”

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Himmel auf Erden – by Martina Decker

This short story is only available in German.Read the German version here!

THE GIRL – by Olivia Pad


The house music pumps out of the speakers as groups after groups of people you barely recognise enter your house. The neighbours won’t like tonight, you think. Well, it wasn’t your idea. You start to worry as more and more people enter your house. Your housemate pats you on the back and shouts at you to down your drink. He suddenly notices a pretty girl and stalks after her. It’s the beginning of the night and you wonder if you’ve already had enough to drink. Your housemate reappears with a beer bong and mouths the words “party” at you. The music is too loud to have a normal conversation. You nod and finally down your drink – if he isn’t worrying, why should you?
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Der Dachboden. – by Anne Krause


This short story is only available in German.

Read the German version here!