Zeitgeist – Short Story Competition

Congratulations! Here are the winners of our short story competition “Zeitgeist”:

Außer Betrieb – by Ursula Wyputta

Stromausfall – by Katja Donath

Roundtrip to Hell and Back – by Carlos Ferreira

We would like to say Thanks to all writers, who participated in our short story contest with more than 250 short stories submissions about the topic “Zeitgeist – Spirit of the time”.

We really enjoyed reading all these beautiful and creative stories and were happy to add them to our clickworker blog. We were especially ecstatic on how the given topic was interpreted so individually by each author, resulting in completely unique short stories. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all English and German stories as there were simply too many, which sadly forced us to make a selection of the most suitable stories.

We hope, you enjoyed the stories as much as we did!


This review article is updated on a daily basis.

After clicking on the links beyond the first sentences of the stories you will be forwarded to the full blog articles. Here you can also make your votes.

Have fun reading!

The following short stories were submitted yet:

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Gerald 11.11.2013, 22:40:31 Uhr


What I have noted about the wonderfully imaginative submissions so far is that none seem to have the caption “Short Story” in them. Or was this excised before the submissions were published in the blog?

Ute 12.11.2013, 10:15:25 Uhr


Warum fehlen denn plötzlich die Bewertungen für manche Texte? Ich bin mir sicher, dass es z.B. für den Outer Space Text von William bereits mehrere Wertungen gab, u.a. auch meine eigene. Bei anderen Texten findet man zumindest immer noch die Vote-Möglichkeit, allerdings gab es vor dem Wochenende bereits mehr als nur 2 oder 3 Stimmen. Finde ich nicht fair!!!

mandy 12.11.2013, 10:18:40 Uhr


Vielen Dank für den Hinweis! Hier lag ein Konfigurationsfehler vor. Die Wertungen sollten jetzt wieder sichtbar sein.

Inês 18.11.2013, 20:37:49 Uhr


Hi Mandy, is there a problem with the voting system? Last time I checked the story I submitted had 5 votes, and now… it has none? What happened? Also, it was first posted someday last week, and now it says it was uploaded today… :( I’m talking about mine, because it’s the only one I’m sure about but there are others that were uploaded around the same time and that I could swear already had more votes…

mandy 20.11.2013, 08:48:59 Uhr


Unfortunately yes. After a change in our server structure last week, we lost some of the votings. But don’t worry, I will add them to the evaluation manually!

PILAR 20.11.2013, 21:01:50 Uhr


Why I dont find the short story I sent november 14?

That story is of Juan Carlos Merino; His login is: jcar and his e-mail is: morjc@hotmail.com

About Juan Carlos:

“Describes an eater body of films and books, buff to comics and the history, and who likes write stories and scripts, some better, some worse, looking for their opportunity to pursue it professionally.”

Thank you.

Chi Li 23.11.2013, 03:01:22 Uhr


Hi Mandy. Just submitted my short story on the 22nd and wondering if you’re still posting them online. Hope so. I Would love to see my story up there. Thanks

Valletta 25.11.2013, 18:15:55 Uhr



wann werden den die letzten Geschichten eingestellt? Und wie lange ist dann Zeit zum voten?

Liebe Grüße

mandy 26.11.2013, 10:16:36 Uhr


Die heiße Einsendephase haben wir gerade hinter uns gebracht. Da wir bereits eine große Anzahl an Geschichten online gestellt haben, werden keine weiteren Stories folgen. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Teilnehmern und hoffen, dass die Geschichten gut ankommen.

Die Abstimmung geht noch bis zum 30. November 2013.

mandy 26.11.2013, 10:56:50 Uhr


Hi Chi Li & PILAR,
As we received a bulk of stories, we had to select some of them for the contest. The time for submission ended last week and we received more than 220 stories. Thank you for all of your submissions. We hope you enjoy the other stories and are sure that your short story may get selected in the next short story competition. ;)

Valletta 26.11.2013, 18:06:27 Uhr


Naja…warum war den der Einsendeschluss am 24. wenn eh keine neuen Geschichten mehr eingestellt werden sollten. Das ist echt unfair, aber was solls…Ist ja wie überall

mandy 27.11.2013, 10:29:36 Uhr


Hallo Valletta,

diese Einschätzung können wir nachvollziehen, doch es war uns leider nicht möglich, alle Einsendungen zu berücksichtigen. Abgesehen vom hohen Aufwand, verringert eine zu große Bandbreite an Geschichten die Möglichkeit, eindeutige Gewinner zu finden.

Arghya Ray 28.11.2013, 21:53:05 Uhr


Dear Mandy Ma’am, what I want to know is that whether you have received my story or not. The name of my story is “Hegemony’s Suicide Note.” Also, I have a question. Would you reject a story sent if you don’t feel it’s fit to enter the competition?

Giulia Zeni 30.11.2013, 12:36:49 Uhr


I’m very disappointed. My novel was never uploaded on this page.

Valletta 01.12.2013, 19:56:28 Uhr



es ist ja verständlich, dass es irgendwann auch zu viele Geschichten sein können. Nur dann kann man doch ne Info raus geben, dass keine weiteren Geschichten mehr berücksichtigt werden können. So muss man sich keine Mühe mehr machen…Und als Tipp, Idee, Anreiz oder wie auch immer;) Es wäre schön, wenn noch mal sowas gemacht wird, dass man vielleicht eine Mail zurück bekommt, das die Geschichte eingegangen ist..So eine Automatischerückantwort…

mandy 02.12.2013, 14:28:05 Uhr


Hallo Valletta,

vielen Dank für den Hinweis.
Wir werden ihn für die nächste Runde berücksichtigen.


Jim Cort 16.12.2013, 19:42:21 Uhr


Just checking in.

Have the winners of the competition been chosen yet?

Before The Past
by Daniel Sala

by Itee Sharma

That Train
by Katriona Angel

Charlie Needs Bread
by Jonathan Berber
Before the past we had a world, it was not great, just good. At the time of the ruining I was a child…She sat a few feet away from him and looked at him with a typical smirk on her face. Though he was her grandfather of the blood relation, she never felt that bond with him….I dragged myself down the lane, one hand clamped onto a fence. Splinters cut me, every breath stung, but I walked on…Anne looks out of the window. The trees are shivering in the wind. Above, battalions of clouds chase each other across the sky. Anne needs to go to the shop.
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