EDIT: Congratulations to evestevemoore, who received the most votes for her great project! She has won the prize of 100€. Furthermore she has chosen the organization SPDC – Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus, to which we will donate 200€.

Welcome to our animal welfare campaign “Dog, cat and co.” In this photo gallery and beginning November 10, 2014, you will find all the pictures that were entered by dedicated Clickworkers. Do you want to take part too and do a good deed for animals? Then inform yourselves now in the “Rules and prizes” section and in the blog article about the campaign.

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Optimization of speech recognition systems

An increasing number of intelligent system ranging from smartphones, info entertainment systems for vehicles, tablet and smartphone applications, to household devices and building services technology, are controlled via voice input.
However, many of the voice control systems are very error-prone. The human factor has often been disregarded during programming. Human beings do not always apply the same logic; they express themselves differently according to their language skills, nationality, social environment and educational background. As soon as the command entered does not comply with the envisaged and programmed command of the system due to the selection of words, sequence of words or pronunciation, the user is not understood and the command is not carried out. Break-offs and renewed speech input are time-consuming for the user and in some situations distracting and dangerous, for example while driving.

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What is PayPal exactly and how does it work?

PayPal is a service provider that offers online payment management. It works well, for example, if you want to make on-line purchases or book flights and would like to receive your payment from us in a fast and easy manner. Another advantage of PayPal is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, e.g. with a Smartphone.

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“Writing texts is my hobby,” says Michael Pullmann. A student of architecture, Pullmann broke his leg four years ago and registered with clickworker to pass the time during his semester break. He has created many texts, corrected the work of other authors and edited data on behalf of this crowdsourcing platform ever since. “ It takes an experienced author between one and two hours to write a typical text, beginners take longer,” describes Pullmann. more… (in German)
Clickworker platforms claim to be the future of work in many sectors. Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet tried out few of the microjobs sites for itself.
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We have finally installed another Spell Check tool for the text creation tasks at clickworker.com. The tool finds any spelling mistakes, marks them in red, and displays any grammar mistakes in yellow.

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Crowdsourcing in tourism

As a whole, the United States, China and Germany are the major travel nations. But many other countries have followed suit with regard to tourism. Worldwide, spending for travel services has been on the increase for years. The tourism industry is obviously delighted! However, the pleasure is even greater when the use of crowdsourcing provides the tourism industry with effective support to handle increased and new challenges. We want to present a few practical project examples.

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Would you like to improve your household budget, or earn a bit on the side for a vacation? Many of the jobs advertised in this or in a similar way on the Internet are dubious. But not always! “Microjobbing” is the new magic word. more… (in German)

Anyone can write an interesting text? Well, at least anyone can try to learn it. Think of any good texts you like to read in the newspaper, online or in magazines. What is so special about them?

Clickworkers can use their writing skills in different ways. Obviously the text type depends on the Clickworker-project. Quite often clickworkers have to use keywords and stick to a certain text structure. As a matter of course it is important to read job instructions closely. This way any mistakes can be avoided easily.

If you are running out of inspiration, dont’t worry! On the Internet, there is a countless number of electronic gadgets available which can be great support when writing texts.

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Within the context of the GERMAN WEB VIDEO AWARD 2014, the crowdsourcing expert, clickworker, will check all the clips submitted for the award and verify whether they fulfill the selection criteria. This assignment is linked to a large-scale charity project: The organizer of the award, the European Web Video Academy, is donating 15 cents to the Children’s Hospice Regenbogenland for every video that clickworker views.

clickworker GmbH, based in Essen, has supported the GERMAN WEB VIDEO AWARD for the second year in succession and checks all the videos and clips submitted with regard to the fulfillment of the participation criteria. clickworker has set up this time-consuming task as an online project free of charge. Based on the principles of crowdsourcing, the videos are available for download on the online platform at www.clickworker.com for thousands of committed network members, the so-called “Clickworkers”, who process them on a voluntary basis. With regard to the charitable aspect: Every video counts! Because the European Web Video Academy, the organizer of the GERMAN WEB VIDEO AWARD 2014, is donating 15 cents to the Children’s Hospice Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf for every web clip that has been viewed.

This year, the GERMAN WEB VIDEO AWARD has acknowledged innovative and outstanding works in the field of Internet moving images for the fourth time. It addresses both amateurs as well as professional video artists. The kickoff for the submission of web clips started on February 3. The organizer is anticipating several thousand submissions on www.webvideopreis.de. The Clickworkers’ task is to check whether the videos fulfill all the conditions for participation in the contest. The content must for instance be produced between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and must be released on the Internet and must not violate valid law or youth protection legislation.

The project will be completed by the clickworker GmbH with the draw of exclusive admission tickets. As a result some Clickworkers will have the opportunity to attend the by-invitation-only award ceremony, moderated by Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf on May 24, 2014 at the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf, together with 1000 guests. The winners of the GERMAN WEB VIDEO AWARD in different categories will be selected by the Academy, which consists, by respectively 50 %, of winners and nominees of the previous year, as well as fans. Voting takes place by sharing the videos on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, or by activating the voting button at webvideopreis.