EDIT: Congratulations to evestevemoore, who received the most votes for her great project! She has won the prize of 100€. Furthermore she has chosen the organization SPDC – Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus, to which we will donate 200€.

Welcome to our animal welfare campaign “Dog, cat and co.” In this photo gallery and beginning November 10, 2014, you will find all the pictures that were entered by dedicated Clickworkers. Do you want to take part too and do a good deed for animals? Then inform yourselves now in the “Rules and prizes” section and in the blog article about the campaign.

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Optimization of speech recognition systems

An increasing number of intelligent system ranging from smartphones, info entertainment systems for vehicles, tablet and smartphone applications, to household devices and building services technology, are controlled via voice input.
However, many of the voice control systems are very error-prone. The human factor has often been disregarded during programming. Human beings do not always apply the same logic; they express themselves differently according to their language skills, nationality, social environment and educational background. As soon as the command entered does not comply with the envisaged and programmed command of the system due to the selection of words, sequence of words or pronunciation, the user is not understood and the command is not carried out. Break-offs and renewed speech input are time-consuming for the user and in some situations distracting and dangerous, for example while driving.

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What is PayPal exactly and how does it work?

PayPal is a service provider that offers online payment management. It works well, for example, if you want to make on-line purchases or book flights and would like to receive your payment from us in a fast and easy manner. Another advantage of PayPal is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, e.g. with a Smartphone.

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“Writing texts is my hobby,” says Michael Pullmann. A student of architecture, Pullmann broke his leg four years ago and registered with clickworker to pass the time during his semester break. He has created many texts, corrected the work of other authors and edited data on behalf of this crowdsourcing platform ever since. “ It takes an experienced author between one and two hours to write a typical text, beginners take longer,” describes Pullmann. more… (in German)
Jobs by mouse click on the Internet: A lot of people organize their job searches more flexible and apply online around the world. Work when and wherever you want, is the motto of “Clickworkers”. Has this new form of employment a future?
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