Did you follow our Animal Welfare Contest last month?
Many Clickworkers sent us impressive entries and shared their animal welfare experiences with us. They were as varied as the animals themselves. The activities ranged from spontaneous duck saving to volunteer work in an animal shelter. Our winner, Eve Moore, performs fantastic work for animal shelter dogs from Cyprus who are in search of a new home. She decided that our 200€ contribution will be donated to the Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus (SPDC), an animal welfare organization on the island of Cyprus. Eve lives in England, and supports the organization by finding new homes for the dogs there. In addition, she organizes fundraising campaigns.

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The world of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding is in constant movement. New trends, concepts and models in the sector will be presented at the “Crowd Dialog” conference on November 20, 2014 in Munich. In addition to our CEO, Christian Roszenich, over 60 international speakers will give lectures on the subjects of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and crowd innovations.Read moregirl-71893_640Read more

EDIT: Congratulations to evestevemoore, who received the most votes for her great project! She has won the prize of 100€. Furthermore she has choosen the organization SPDC – Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus, to which we will donate 200€.

Welcome to our animal welfare campaign “Dog, cat and co.” In this photo gallery and beginning November 10, 2014, you will find all the pictures that were entered by dedicated Clickworkers. Do you want to take part too and do a good deed for animals? Then inform yourselves now in the “Rules and prizes” section and in the blog article about the campaign.Read more

Imagine sitting in a restaurant and ordering a wine that you have helped to create? Two large wineries in the USA have decided to make exactly that possible. They have created a wine with the help of Crowdsourcing. One of these wines is the Crowdsourced Cabernet to be bottled in Washington in 2016 by the winery Columbia Crest as one of the first Crowdsourcing wines.

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