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Up until now it was easy to register at without any verification of the personal data. Unfortunately, this was sometimes used for criminal purposes where some people registered with false details just to cause harm. Either they were working on projects they would normally not be authorised to do, thus falsifying the results, or they used their anonymity from their false information in order to submit bad work in large quantities on purpose.This type of behaviour not only damaged the reputation of with our clients, but also resulted in less tasks being available for carefully-working users. In order to prevent this type of behaviour in the future, we are introducing an account verification system via mobile number.

sms account verification

Therefore, from now on, access to certain sensitive projects (e.g. UHRS) shall only be available for Clickworkers who have provided a mobile number in their profile and have successfully verified their number. These additional security measures will also help to prevent access for persons registering with false indications of their country and should increase the amount of available tasks for correctly-registered Clickworkers.

However, verification shall not be immediately available for all Clickworkers, but will only be enabled progressively for individual countries. Don’t worry if you do not get the following message when logging on: There is no problem with your account, but these new measures may not yet be available for your country.

How does the verification work?

It works with a 4-digit pin code, which is sent by SMS to your mobile number. If you have not provided a mobile number in your profile, you will receive the corresponding message on accessing the Workplace, if the verification for your country has been enabled.

SMS account verification system

If you have already provided a mobile number, the instruction text will be as follows:

SMS account verification system

You can access your contact data directly by pressing the buttons. As soon as a mobile number is registered, a new info field will appear above your data requiring a pin code. If necessary, the telephone number can be modified there. Please request the code via “Send”. After requesting the code, a window appears where you have to enter the code when you receive it. If the verification was successful, the word “verified” will appear after your mobile number.

Pincode1 Pincode2 Pincode3

As with all other personal data, your telephone number will not be provided to third persons and it can be deleted from your profile at any time. But then you will lose your status as a verified account until a new number is provided and verified.

After a short transitory phase, the first projects will be changed to this new access method. So we would highly recommend that all active Clickworkers proceed with this verification procedure in order to prevent projects suddenly not being available.

Please contact the Community Team with any queries by e-mail.

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Frits 10.05.2014, 17:44:49 Uhr


Dear Marz,

I have received your kind communication about the verification but nowhere can I found the start page for the identification.



Patty Bullock 11.05.2014, 05:09:38 Uhr


I have a mobile phone but no text capabilities. Is there another option for verification? Please advise.

Hanna Katila 12.05.2014, 15:50:36 Uhr



I was accepted to your finnish writers already months ago. However I have never noticed any available jobs in the list (except some contact details search occasionally). I wonder if I have done something wrong with my registration or is it just so that you haven’t had any finnish texts or jobs?

Kind regards,

precious 12.05.2014, 20:08:27 Uhr


i have been trying for some weks now to complete my profile on click workers and i keep add more information but yet my profile never gets completed,pls what do i do?

nitrofurano 12.05.2014, 21:45:33 Uhr


i don’t use cellphones, i don’t enjoy using this kind of hardware, and i will not use it in the future as well – i guess i’m considered “banned” from ? :S

Marilyn Hill 13.05.2014, 04:56:19 Uhr


Because of financial problems, I have not had a cell phone in months. Will I be off Clickworker because of that? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.l

Mary K Conley 14.05.2014, 13:09:41 Uhr


Hi Daniel,
I am a clickworker in the United States. I have a message to verify my mobile phone number but when I click on “Verify Now” a blank box pops up so I am unable to verify. I’m not sure if I need to do a java update on my computer to complete the process. Please advise.

Clickworker cw_410169e

Kevin 14.05.2014, 20:41:05 Uhr



I am a clickworker who works from the east coast of the United States. Well lately upon logging-in I am getting the request for my mobile phone number which I have provided for several days now. However, once I click on the button to verify the mobile phone number a small box appears with nothing inside and an ‘X’ on the upper left corner (in order to exit). I assume there is supposed to be content in the box but there isn’t. I am trying to verify my number so that I can continue to access the UHRS jobs I am doing after the grace period. So right even though I can work UHRS jobs now I don’t seem to be able to actually request a PIN number, required to complete the mobile phone verification. Do you know why?
I look forward to hearing from you and thanks a lot!



Jerome Lago 16.05.2014, 16:41:00 Uhr


What if I do not have a mobile phone?

krish 17.05.2014, 03:30:53 Uhr


for which countries the verification is enabled?

Francis Adams 20.05.2014, 16:00:04 Uhr


I am based in India and as a result have a mobile phone number provided by a service provider in India. Hoping your SMS Verification message reaches me. My mobile number is +91 9822059551. Thanks and best wishes, always

Birchandr Lama 21.05.2014, 13:33:50 Uhr


Dear Sir/madam
I inform you that i would like work with clickworker. But why i can’t work this site?
Birc Chandra Lama

mandy 03.06.2014, 13:25:53 Uhr



Could you please send us an email to

Roberto 04.07.2014, 02:21:57 Uhr


We do not have a cellphone, nor do we ever want one. We are not into this kind of technology which puts radiation into our body.

Plus we can not afford an extra bill each month.

We only have a land line. The old fashioned kind of telephone.

See cell phone dangers here.

David 09.08.2014, 21:59:39 Uhr



I created my account today but I always receive the message ” We are sorry but there are currently no matching jobs available.” Is it normal ?

Amelie 12.08.2014, 09:45:52 Uhr


Dear David,
The availability of jobs is not always at the same level, but varies depending on our customers’ needs for texts, research etc. For the individual Clickworkers, the number of available jobs also depends on his assesment results, language skills, etc.

In general, it is recommended to take all assessments offered in order to increase the variety and number of jobs available for you. Some assessments can also be repeated after a certain period of time to increase your score and thus qualify for more jobs.

KInd regards,