What’s new in the crowd?
Innovations and more at the “Crowd Dialog 2014” conference

The world of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding is in constant movement. New trends, concepts and models in the sector will be presented at the “Crowd Dialog” conference on November 20, 2014 in Munich. In addition to our CEO, Christian Roszenich, over 60 international speakers will give lectures on the subjects of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and crowd innovations.

What does crowdsourcing mean?

Crowdsourcing involves the outsourcing of tasks to a crowd of individuals via an Internet platform. The word is closely linked to “outsourcing”, a term used in economics, in which work is given to subcontractors. In the case of crowdsourcing, digital crowd contributors can participate in a project out of interest or pleasure. Our blog has often featured reports about the influence the crowd exerts e.g. in political processes in their country, or the production of a wine. Furthermore users can earn money in many different ways via crowdsourcing platforms, for example with clickworker. At clickworker, the freelancers – the so-called Clickworkers – process jobs online and can allot the work themselves.

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding means that projects are funded via a website with the help of donations from the crowd. Well-known examples are the film “Wish I Was Here” by Zach Braff, or the German “Stromberg” film. Music albums, cookbooks and environmental projects such as “The Ocean Clean Up” have also been financed by means of crowdfunding. The most popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, Startnext and Indiegogo.

What is crowd innovation?

New products and ideas can be developed and evaluated with the help of the crowd, whether it is an unusual burger for a fast food chain, a new company logo or a product test before the product is launched. Companies can use crowd innovation to breathe new life into their businesses and even help avoid misinvestments.

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At the “Crowd Dialog” participants can inform themselves about many interesting topics involving work with and by the crowd. How can you involve citizens in shaping their city? Can the crowd help test apps and Internet applications? How can the artistic and cultural sectors make use of the crowd? “Cinedime” – a crowdfunding platform for film projects will give a lecture on the subject. Discussions about legal issues related to crowdsourcing, for example the use of intellectual property rights and tax issues, also may also arise. Besides providing information, workshops and networking opportunities, the Crowd Dialog offers founders of start-ups in particular the chance to win 60,000 € for their project. A jury will decide which three start-up teams from different sectors for instance digital media, health or energy industry are the winners. They will receive the cash prizes as well as a coaching. Applications can be entered until October 22, 2014 at http:”http://www.gruenderpostersession.de/”

Interested in getting a taste of crowdsourcing? Participation is free for students; the registration fee for private individuals and companies starts at 245€. More information about “Crowd Dialog” is available at http://www.crowddialog.de/.

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