You voted for the winner! Clickworkers help animals

Did you follow our Animal Welfare Contest last month?
Many Clickworkers sent us impressive entries and shared their animal welfare experiences with us. They were as varied as the animals themselves. The activities ranged from spontaneous duck saving to volunteer work in an animal shelter. Our winner, Eve Moore, performs fantastic work for animal shelter dogs from Cyprus who are in search of a new home. She decided that our 200€ contribution will be donated to the Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus (SPDC), an animal welfare organization on the island of Cyprus. Eve lives in England, and supports the organization by finding new homes for the dogs there. In addition, she organizes fundraising campaigns.

What are the conditions of homeless animals on Cyprus?

At first glance, Cyprus has acceptable animal welfare laws. Logo SPDCHowever, despite the laws, reality is not rosy for strays in many southern countries. The number of stray cats and dogs is enormous. Most of the animals are not spayed; they reproduce creating huge numbers of offspring and are often abandoned to their fate. These animals are often regarded as worthless and are treated accordingly: they are abandoned, tortured or poisoned. If a dog is “lucky enough” to end up in an animal shelter, it has 15 days to find a new home; after that it is euthanized.

Cyprus DogDog CyprusCyprus Dog

What does Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus (SPDC) do?

The director of the SPDC, Elena Papaleontiou, has been supporting animals for a long time; she founded the Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus organization in February 2014.With a team of 12 voluntary helpers, SPDC takes care of over 120 dogs scattered over 5 different animal shelters on the island. There is a lot to do: the voluntary workers collect donations, care and feed the animals, take them to the vet and prepare them for the potential journey to their new family. Even if the organization has already found new homes for more than 250 dogs in Germany, Holland and the UK and some dogs live in foster homes, the shelters are overcrowded. The SPDC’s goal is to find new homes for as many dogs as possible before they are euthanized.

Would you like to make a donation or help in another way?

Currently, the SPDC organization SPDC Volunteerdoes not have a website, but you will find them on Facebook and on Twitter. Donations, for food shelters and flights are urgently needed! If you would like to donate, this is SPDC’s PayPal Account:

Are you planning a trip to Cyprus or another country? Volunteer as a flight escort! It’s easy and doesn’t cost you anything! Before departure, all you have to do is help check-in the animal at the airport and give the dog or cat to the respective contact person on arrival at your destination. This ensures the safe arrival of the animal in its new home. Here are some examples:, the way: If you are interested, the dogs in the pictures are looking for new homes! Contact the SPDC via facebook or email:

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