briefing for authors

A good briefing on the part of the customer is the key to success for the realization of projects. This is especially true for crowdsourcing projects that are handled by numerous persons who generally do not have a personal contact to the customer and who have to rely on the briefing for the correct implementation of their tasks. A good briefing therefore ensures that all of those involved know exactly what to do, what the customer wants, and what the results are expected to look like.
The briefing is therefore an essential quality factor for the implementation of crowdsourcing projects. With this in mind, this newsletter will provide some tips for your next text orders at clickworker about how to draft your briefing for our authors. These tips include what you ought to pay attention to, as well as what information must be specified. The most difficult challenge is to provide our authors with relevant information while keeping it brief and straightforward: long briefings tend to be demotivating.

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eCommerce Services

It takes more than having a range of good products in your online shop to participate in the online trade boom and secure yourself a large slice of the cake. The basic requirement and the first step to success in online trade is the fast and simple traceability of your products, both in the popular search method, “Googling it”, as well as via the internal search function provided by your shop.

The second step is obviously providing customers with sufficient information about the product to ensure that they can make a purchase decision with a feeling of confidence. This means that the relevant product information must be clearly structured and include detailed illustrations of the products being offered on your site as well as convincing product descriptions.

Crowdsourcing – eCommerce service package

With our crowdsourcing services for e-commerce companies we will lead you to the desired goal, quickly, flexibly and at a low-cost, according to your requirements.

We offer the following solutions as a complete package or individual services for your online shop:

Search engine optimized, plagiarism-free texts
in the form of product descriptions, category texts, advice texts, glossaries, news and further product relevant information.
  + For a top search engine placement of your shop for example in Google & Co.,
+ as added value and important information for your customers
+ and for the enjoyment of your customers.
Extraction and digitalization of product data
Irrespective of the form in which the data exist, we can extract, digitalize and update the requested data relevant to the products from the information material.
  + To supply to your customers with current as well as relevant and therefore purchase decision-making information about the desired product
+ and added number of filter attributes for your internal search functions
Categorization and tagging of products and product relevant data
We classify each of your products into the taxonomy of your merchandise categories, classify your files such as product images or videos, and provide each product and each file with appropriate keywords.
  + For the simple traceability of your products by the search of category terms and keywords via Google & Co.
+ and the intuitive navigation and traceability of the requested products in your online shop.
Web research to obtain information about your competition
Whatever information you wish to obtain regarding the range of goods or products offered by your competitors, we can research your competitor’s websites and supply the information you have requested.
 + As a basis of information for your analyses and findings regarding the optimization potential of your choice of products and online shop.

If you have any further questions regarding our services, or are interested in an offer, please send an email to:
or phone us at: +49 201 959718-0.

Corporate Blog

Corporate Blog – For marketing experts, blogs have been the focal point of communication with their target groups for quite some time. In the meantime, a growing number of companies fall back on this method of communication. There is work involved in a blog but the effort is worthwhile. The website obtains new, unique content, that can also make potential customers aware of a company, for example through publicity in social networks, including Facebook or Twitter. Correctly used and with suitable topics, blogs can help companies present themselves in a better light. It makes a company look more authentic, sincere and transparent than an advertisement ever could.

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What characterizes an ideal online product description? What content belong in the text and how long should the text be? E-commerce managers must ask themselves these questions to optimize their online shop and achieve a high conversion rate; good product descriptions are an essential feature for the success of online shops. If important, purchase decision-making information is not included in the descriptions, customers will leave the shop without making a purchase. Customers usually click on the “Buy” button when they have obtained all the information needed to ensure that the selected product meets their needs and expectations. At the end of the transaction, customers must be convinced that they have made the right decision.

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The correct use of keywords is the deciding factor for whether the contents of a website will be found, or if it will get lost in the mass of content on the web. For that reason a knowledge of keywords is essential for all website operators, especially if you operate the site for commercial purposes – because only products that can be found can also be sold. And the more often the content put up online is found and read, the better the keywords for that content were handled. This means the creator of this specific website recognized which search terms internet users put into search engines to find, among others, the content he offers, and he optimized the page accordingly in relation to these terms (keywords). The first step to keyword optimization is therefore identifying them, and with that the keyword research for each individual webpage.

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