All You Need Is Love – What makes your Valentine’s Day so special?

28.01.2015 clickworker blog 2 Comments

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! Well, anyone can do a three-course menu, a visit to the movies or a moonlight picnic? And the traditional bouquet of roses is too dull? Then show us how you prove your affection for your sweetheart!

Be creative and win 50 Euro

Send a picture of your Valentine’s Day surprise, the cutest card or your best Facebook post to The deadline is February 14, 2015. The contribution does not have to be from 2015, but you must make it yourself!Read more

Moving fast at a safe pace with the help of the crowd


Has traffic congestion prevented you from getting quickly to town again? You simply want to make a few errands but traffic has come to halt? This provokes a weary smile in the residents of Mexico City. Residents of the Santa Fe district spend an average of 2.5 hours a day in traffic jams. The fact that a city with over 20 million residents is plagued by extreme traffic is not surprising, but it is nerve-wracking, time-consuming and it can be dangerous. Harvard professor José Castillo is an urban planner and architect and started the Living Mobs project to solve the congestion problems in the city. Read more