clickworker and Streetspotr Combine their Crowdsourcing Services


clickworker, one of the leading providers of crowdsourcing solutions, is partnering with Streetspotr, the European pioneer in the field of mobile crowdsourcing. The two companies are combining their offerings for an integrated solution of mobile image capture and analytics, for its clients in the retail- and travel industry.

clickworker Kooperation

Pooling of Core Competencies Creates Added Value for the Customer
The main focus of the cooperation is to combine stationary and mobile crowdsourcing and provide new synergies. Most important, the collaboration will provide benefits for customers of both companies: they can take advantage of the worldwide crowd and the broader solution spectrum from a single source. Collection of local image data by Streetspotr with the subsequent data analysis, tagging or content creation by clickworker will be offer new approaches for brand management in the retail industry or providing content for the travel industry. Both companies have many years of expertise in their field. The new partnership will provide better visibility in these markets and create even more benefits for customers and partners of the partnering companies.

Internationally Unique Vast Solution Portfolio and Full Service Offering
“clickworker is a leader in online crowdsourcing with its worldwide community, and therefore an ideal partner for us to optimally supplement our location-based crowdsourcing with online offers. In combination we can offer our customers services from a single source, while at the same time expand and deepen our respective specialties. This way we will create a spectrum of offerings that until now was not yet available in the market globally, and provide a unique solution for our customers’ challenges,” says Dorothea Utzt, CEO of Streetspotr, about the cooperation with clickworker.

Christian Rozsenich, CEO of clickworker, also welcomes the new cooperation:
“We are glad to have found a partner in Streetspotr, who is not only a leader in the field of mobile crowdsourcing, but also whose solution portfolio and expertise ideally complement our range of services. The combination of mobile and stationary crowdsourcing enables new solution approaches to a large number of tasks. Thus we can tap into new application areas and markets together, and in the future meet our customers’ needs even better.”

This cooperation will help to promote crowdsourcing even more as a proven approach for data driven project used by many clients in the online industry.”

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About clickworker
With more than 800,000 freelancers, so-called Clickworkers, in Europe, America and Asia, clickworker is one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing.
clickworker offers scalable solutions relating to text production, web research, product data maintenance, surveys, categorization and tagging in 18 languages and in more than 30 target markets.
clickworker is a full service provider and offers standardized as well as individual solutions for the implementation of data oriented projects for its clients. These projects are broken down into micro jobs using an automated process, and worked on by qualified Clickworkers from the crowd. All results are quality controlled, reassembled and delivered to the customer.
For smaller and standardized tasks in the areas of text production and surveys, clickworker in addition offers a self-service solution via the online marketplace.
This field-tested process offers reliable and high-quality results with high efficiency and outstanding scalability, and at lower prices than with conventional approaches.

About Streetspotr
Streetspotr is Europe’s largest mobile workforce and a pioneer in the field of mobile crowdsourcing. Over 300,000 users perform tasks via smart phone for companies from very diverse industries, who have a need for location based information, for example local advertisement and product placement, or market research and data verification. In real time the clients (Ferrero, Sony, Microsoft, Ültje, LG and Paulaner among others) receive data like photos, videos and on site checks that are performed by users “on the go.” All information is made available on the online customer portal, and evaluations as well as dashboards are provided. Through this type of information acquisition, firms can profit from the “knowledge of many” and a classic win-win situation is created: the user earns a little pocket money in passing, the customer saves itself tremendous time, travel and personnel costs, and receives quick and efficient insights, which would otherwise require great effort.

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