Find the golden egg – A virtual treasure hunt around the globe!


EDIT: Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Easter riddle! Yannik W. was the quickest to find the golden egg and will receive €100!
Ditha F., Heiner F., Sameer A. and Francesca M. win €25 each!Here are the correct answers:
1. 5 or 6 (both answers are possible)
2. 1857
3. 200
4. 14
5. 1973
6. 1600

To mark this year’s Easter, we have come up with a slightly different Easter egg hunt. Set off to search for the golden egg and win one of five cash prizes! ;)


During the Easter holidays, 6 riddles will send you on a virtual trip around the world. Each riddle will provide you with clues about the location. When you have guessed the location, you can solve the answers to the riddle question by doing brief online research or, for example, by taking a short walk on Google Streetview. The solution of the respective riddle consists of a number with 1-4 digits.

This is how it works

  • On April 2, 2015 we will start the treasure hunt and put the riddles online for you in the blog HERE.
  • Solve all 6 riddles and jot down the solutions (number with 1-4 digits).
  • Connect all the digits.
  • Attach the sequence of these digits to the following link: //
  • It will look something like this: //
  • Open the link to the website! If the solutions to all of the riddles are correct, the “golden egg” will be hidden on the result page.
  • Make a screenshot of the result page and send it to, subject “The Golden Egg”. The deadline is April 6, 2015.

The first Clickworker to send in the golden egg wins 100€. We will draw another four winners among all correct entries; each of the four will receive 25€ prize money.

Are you ready for our treasure hunt?

  1. Blue flags that give the start signal for our Easter treasure hunt fly around the office park that houses the (German) office of clickworker GmbH. Take a short, virtual walk! How many flags are there?
  2. That’s enough from us for now! There is a world-famous clock tower in Great Britain’s capitol; its chime is known as “The Voice of Britain”. When did the first “Great Bell” of the tower break?
  3. Things are getting spooky now! Thousands of human skulls are in the catacombs beneath the European capital of the country in which the church bells bring the Easter chocolate. How many visitors can watch this morbid attraction at the same time?
  4. Approximately 2.5% of India’s entire population celebrates Easter. One of the most famous buildings of the country that resembles a palace complex was actually built as a mausoleum for a woman. She died during the birth of her … child in 1631. (Fill in the gap! ;))
  5. In the country of our next riddle you will find that the eggs are brought by the Easter bilby instead of the Easter rabbit. When was construction of the most famous opera house of the country completed?
  6. Easter parades and rolling Easter eggs define the Easter celebrations in this country. The nation’s president makes the most famous “Easter Egg Roll”. What is the street number of the venue?


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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

43 Kommentare

Korgerd 31.03.2015, 14:16:51 Uhr


Gute Idee! Ich bin auf jeden Fall dabei!

Amelie 31.03.2015, 15:38:06 Uhr


Das freut uns!

Rosana 31.03.2015, 16:14:42 Uhr



Since I am in Mexico, I would like to know what time you will post the riddles at…

Is this possible?


Lothar 31.03.2015, 17:52:31 Uhr


Super Chanche “Gold” zu finden !

Maria 31.03.2015, 19:10:07 Uhr


Sounds like fun! Count me in!

Kristina 01.04.2015, 23:04:22 Uhr


Am 2.4 um wie viel Uhr? :D

mandy 02.04.2015, 07:32:21 Uhr



we will post the riddles at 3:00 pm (Central European Summer Time – CEST, UTC+2) today.
Good luck!


Die Rätsel gehen heute um 15:00 Uhr (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit – MEZ, UTC+2) online.
Viel Erfolg!

Daniela Schmitz 02.04.2015, 14:17:58 Uhr


Das war lustig. Ich fürchte nur dass es mit meiner E-Mail und dem Screenshot nicht richtig geklappt hat :(

Belén 02.04.2015, 14:30:00 Uhr


I have all the answers but they don’t fit…

Kristina 02.04.2015, 14:39:36 Uhr


hmm ich bin jetzt 4 mal nochmal alle fragen durch und mir bei der richtigkeit sehr sicher. aber es zeigt not found an :/

Rosana 02.04.2015, 14:43:48 Uhr


I found them!!!

Clemens 02.04.2015, 14:46:30 Uhr


Wann wird bekanntgegeben wer den ersten Preis gewonnen hat?

Amelie 02.04.2015, 14:56:28 Uhr


Hi Belen, make sure to check again and pay attention to the right order. Good luck!

Amelie 02.04.2015, 14:57:18 Uhr


Dann versteckt sich doch irgendwo ein kleiner Fehler. Viel Glück trotzdem!

Amelie 02.04.2015, 14:57:42 Uhr


Hi Rosana, great!Good luck!

Amelie 02.04.2015, 14:58:59 Uhr


Am 7.4.15 werden voraussichtlich die Gewinner bekanntgegeben.

Vicky 02.04.2015, 15:07:21 Uhr


Is number 2 and 5 supposed to be the year or what? “When” is very vague…

Belén 02.04.2015, 15:08:56 Uhr


Danke Amelie, I realized I missed a number but nothing yet. I’m stuck but It has been very funny. Congrats to the ones that solved it :)

Belén 02.04.2015, 15:12:30 Uhr


Ok, solved :)

Rikysonic 02.04.2015, 15:12:43 Uhr


Ehm… I have found the golden egg, but I’ve sent the mail with subject “Found EGG”, is that OK for you…? :(

dely 02.04.2015, 15:20:37 Uhr


This was really funny! Congratulations to the person who conceived it.

Mariann 02.04.2015, 15:23:31 Uhr


Solved it, too…although I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this number before as well, and it didn’t work then! I’m a bit disappointed…

Amelie 02.04.2015, 15:28:59 Uhr


Hi Rikysonic, that’s ok!

Amelie 02.04.2015, 15:30:14 Uhr


Hello Vicky, yes it is supposed to be the year.

Amelie 02.04.2015, 15:30:50 Uhr


Dear Mariann, good luck to you!

Dre 02.04.2015, 15:43:48 Uhr


Hab grad bemerkt, dass zwei verschiedene Ziffernfolgen funktionieren…

Chris 02.04.2015, 15:50:19 Uhr


Congratulations to all.

Annelies 02.04.2015, 15:56:24 Uhr


Found everything for the flags. Been looking for it for 30 minutes now, think I will give up :C

igor 02.04.2015, 16:43:14 Uhr


I’d like to see the answer + website posted here later If possible. To see what i got wrong.

Rosana 02.04.2015, 16:43:54 Uhr


I found the numbers more than one hour ago but can’t open the image :(

I have checked all the numbers twice and they are right :(

Rose 02.04.2015, 17:16:35 Uhr


I have found all the answers, checked their correctness multiple times….the site it brings me to says not found… I doing this right?

Mônica Oliveira 02.04.2015, 21:02:03 Uhr



I found the Easter Bunny!

It was funny.

SCHÖNE OSTERN, Happy Easter from Brasil!!


Rens 03.04.2015, 00:46:02 Uhr


Is the last question supposed to be venue or avenue? Cause this last one is confusing the hell out of me

Amelie 07.04.2015, 11:44:06 Uhr


Hi Dre, es funktionieren 2 Ziffernfolgen, da wir die Antwort auf die Frage 1 ein wenig vereinfachen wollten. Im Prinzip sind zwei Antworten möglich.

Rikysonic 07.04.2015, 11:49:49 Uhr


Yeah, I noticed that there’s another flag on the other side of the building ;)

antony 07.04.2015, 16:31:49 Uhr


Congrats for the winners..,

Chris 08.04.2015, 05:57:46 Uhr


How do you get 1857 as the answer for question 2? It doesn’t match up with the facts on Wikipedia or Bigbenfacts

I thought the question was asking what year Big Ben broke down.

Annie 08.04.2015, 09:40:29 Uhr


I wonder where can I find the answer to the Riddle NO. 3? I found everywhere but no clues. Can you tell me?

Amelie 08.04.2015, 10:21:17 Uhr


Hi Annie, the number is 200. You can find it here , for example.

Amelie 08.04.2015, 10:27:24 Uhr


Hello, here it says when the crack in the first Great Bell appeared.

Chris 08.04.2015, 11:55:34 Uhr


Annie, I found the answer on a website about tours of the Paris catacombes.

Annie 09.04.2015, 01:39:23 Uhr


Hello Amelie and Chris, thank you so much for helping me. But I still wonder why is the country France? I thought it was Germany, all I did the searching is for the Germany Capitol, no wonder I couldn’t find the 200 anywhere.

Amelie 13.04.2015, 11:05:01 Uhr


Hi Annie, it says nowhere that it is the German capital but a European capital. If you google certain key words which are in the question you will find the right answer.