Significance of product texts for online shops


product texts

Many shop operators make it easy on themselves or simply do not have the capacities – they describe their products with just a few short key points or use the product texts written by the manufacturer. However this approach does not boost sales or promote the Google ranking of the shop.

Product texts ought to inform, offer advice and be convincing

In retail shops it is usually the shop assistant’s detailed advice that convinces the customer to purchase a product. In web shops there are no personal advisors therefore individual product descriptions ought to be used. Ideally the description provides answers to all of the customers questions regarding the product, supplies the information the customers is looking for and offers additional decision support. A customer who feels poorly informed will not buy. Therefore, providing good advice is essential. A web shop with unique texts that combine useful knowledge and helpful information demonstrates competence and gives it a clear competitive edge over shops with the same or similar products.

When a text is well-researched, interesting and geared to the target audience readers know that they are in good hands. They gain confidence in the shop and enjoy buying there. In addition to satisfied customers, detailed product texts reduce the return rate of the items. Customers feel happy with their purchase decisions and, because of the thorough description, they know that they are buying the right product.

Use product texts to convince Google and Co

If the manufacturer’s product description is used Google will perceive the text as a duplicate, which has a negative effect on the position of the shop in the search results. A unique and search engine optimized text receives a positive evaluation. This enhances the ranking with Google and other search engines and the customer will see the web shop in the results more quickly.

Distinct product texts not only provide the shop with valuable content, they exclude duplicate content, boost the position in the search engine results and also increase the sales rate.

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