Crowdsourcing in the field of CSR projects (part 1/2)


Crowdsourcing and CSR

Based on competitive economy the objective of combining free initiative and social progress, which is secured by economic performance, is a guiding principle of the free market economy. An important prerequisite to preserve the function of the free market economy is the awareness and the commitment of the companies involved to behave ethically and assume social responsibility for society and the environment. The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can also be used. CSR is not an obligation that is imposed on companies. Good CSR management plays an important part in contributing to economic success. Correctly communicated, CSR measures strengthen the positive image of a company both internally and externally, and increase the competitive edge. Therefore, CSR ought to be included in corporate strategy regardless of whether the company is large or small.

Implementation of CSR projects with the help of the Internet community (the crowd)

Doesn’t it seem natural to include society in the realization of CSR projects – to do something for society with the help of society? Today, on account of modern Internet technologies, it has become easily possible to reach the full spectrum of our society. The Internet offers an enormous volume of data and communication possibilities. A large transparency, networked structures, peer production, collaborations and interest-focused network communities are the outcome.
Communicated at the right places and sites, interesting CSR projects will always attract a lot of attention. With a summons for direct or indirect support and participation in a CSR project, a whole crowd of Internet users can be quickly found for the project.

With the help of the Internet community, and with less effort, professional crowdsourcing providers can help accelerate the implementation of CSR projects.


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