Surveys and Feedback – Creation of questionnaires


SCreation of questionnaires

Surveys help obtain feedback about a product, a brand name or a homepage from different participants. This information can be used to evaluate and draw conclusions from the results. For example to test a new product before it is launched – to determine whether the name, the packaging or the flavor are accepted by the customer – and whether there is a demand. It can also be used to monitor how comfortable users feel with a homepage, or with the selection of goods in a shop. Designing a questionnaire for a survey is quick and straightforward however a few minor items must be taken into consideration.

Creation of questionnaires – The end is the beginning

The creation of a questionnaire starts at the end: The first thing you have to consider is what you want to know and what target audience you want to reach with the survey. Once this has been established, you must define the type of question; there are various options to choose from. In the closed questions, the participant can select from a given set of answers, the open questions allow a free answer. The advantage of open questions is that the participants can address items that you may not have thought of yourself. The disadvantage is that the evaluation of the questionnaire can be much more time-consuming. Therefore surveys with open questions are better suited for smaller groups of participants. An evaluation question is the term used when the participant can choose between answers on a scale, for example between very good and good, good, average, poor and very poor. Filter questions are used to divide the participants into defined groups; demographic questions are used to obtain information about age, gender, occupation or education

Whatever the type of question used it is generally recommended to keep the questions short and simple. It is also good to ask questions that only have one possible answer. The answer must not be given or suggested within the question.

Creation of questionnaires – Setting up a questionnaire

The questionnaire ought to begin with a short introduction that explains the sense and purpose of the study. This rouses the participants’ interest and increases the motivation to take part in the survey. This is followed by general questions; question-by-question they become increasingly specific. Personal data are collected at the end of the questionnaire. The questionnaire ought to be as short as possible, and as long as necessary. The participant should not need more than 15 minutes to answer the questions. Tools including SurveyMonkey or SoSci Survey can help, not only inexperienced or insecure users, find suitable questions. In some cases, pre-worded questionnaires that range from simple questionnaires to complex studies, are available.

Obtaining survey participants via the clickworker platform

Once the survey questionnaire has been created participants have to be obtained. The clickworker Self-Service Marketplace provides a quick and easy way of addressing and obtaining target-group specific participants from the crowd of Clickworkers for surveys.


  • enter the title and the description of your order,
  • determine the basic information regarding the target audience of the survey, as well as the fee per participant,
  • insert the link to the survey and the desired number of participants or upload these data via CSV file,
  • top up your prepaid account and send off the order
– done!

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