Control of POS activities


Control of POS activities

Decisive factors for the success of product marketing often depend on where the customers come across the product: at the Point of Sale! That’s where the customers make the decision whether to purchase a product or not. This is why producers, retail chains, franchise corporations and publishing houses often invest a large part of their marketing budget in POS campaigns. They employ whatever solicits the positive awareness of the customers and triggers an impulse to buy. These include special promotional shelves and displays, contests, voucher activities or the distribution of information as well as product samples and tasters. Furthermore, top placement in the shelves as well as attractive sorting and presentation of the products are decisive for the purchase and are costly to obtain. Because of the amount of effort and the relevance for the marketing success, companies are eager to control POS activities as well as possible. Activities that are geographically spread out cannot be controlled at all times by those responsible for marketing. Field staff are generally asked to control POS activities while they are on business trips. However, this is not possible everywhere and at all times. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time, money and staff resources.

Area-wide control of PoS activities

– over 1 million of our crowdworkers are on-site

Thanks to our cooperation with Streetspotr, field staff can concentrate on their core duties. With our mutual global network of over 1 million crowdworkers, we undertake the task of controlling POS activities for our customers and supply answers to, for example, the following questions:

  • Are the products available in the shelves of the POS?
  • Have the products and their sales tags been presented as planned?
  • Have the products been placed in the shelves as planned?
  • Are the activities being carried out as planned?
  • How are the customers reacting to the promotional activities?
  • How is the on-site sales advice and service of the products?
  • What are competitors doing?

Our crowd is on-site everywhere and collects important information regarding the implementation and effect of the activities for our customers directly at the POS. In Germany, all over Europe or globally, the members of our crowd take pictures of the activities at the POS with their smartphones within a short period of time, or test the sales activities as customers. The geocoded pictures are analyzed, and test purchases are evaluated according to various criteria. The final analysis report with all the important data for the implementation of POS activities gives our customers the opportunity to check the quality directly and reveals the need for optimization. The report enables our customers to react quickly and to steer the campaigns for the entire duration.

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