Content enrichment for hotel portals via crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing for hotel portals

Operators of online shops generally use large amounts of crowd generated content. Product descriptions are the most common form of requested content. Basically every operator needs a website with high quality content for its offers. Either by using the additional information to distinguish themselves from competitors, to reach top positions in search engine rankings and / or to bind visitors and offer them added value. Hotel portals and reservation platforms or the websites of large hotel chains can greatly benefit from crowdsourcing and the creation of high quality content.

Content that appeals to future hotel guests as well as search engines can consist of activities and offers within close vicinity to the hotel including their description, the address, telephone number, opening hours, prices and pictures. Offers can include restaurants, bars, cafés, theaters, movies, museums, sights, stores, markets, and events. Content like descriptions of destinations in which the hotels are located can also be appealing to internet users who are searching for a specific city via Google or other search engines.

What product descriptions are to online shops is the hotel description to hotel portals. They are particularly interesting for hotel reservation portals. One cannot simply use the hotel’s own description. Double content on websites leads to penalties and poor ranking from search engines such as Google. Therefore, every hotel description must be unique and created individually. A task that crowdsourcing is predestinated for. In addition to that, results of web researches via the crowd can quickly be obtained and supplement itemized information regarding for example amenities hotels provide. Information like that is usually very interesting to the user but often unavailable or incomplete. We would like to demonstrate the application of our services in the following project.

Research of Wi-Fi availability in hotels

Project data:
  • Hotels to be researched: 5000 in 10 countries
  • Number of questions regarding Wi-Fi availability per hotel: 4
  • Quality assurance: Majority decision (the same task is processed by two Clickworkers independently. If the results match the answer is considered to be correct.)
  • Research processing time: 2 1/2 weeks
Brief description of the task for the crowd:
Search the homepage of the hotel or on other pages for the following information:
  • Does the hotel provide Wi-Fi?
  • If so, where?
  • What does Wi-Fi cost?
  • How long is Wi-Fi available?
Task-view of the workplace on our clickworker platform:

Content enrichment for hotel portals

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