Living the Community Feeling: The Faces behind the Clickworker Support

Clickworker Support

Whenever someone needs help on our platform, there are two immediate courses of action one can take – contact the clickworker support team or ask the community. For a very long time, the clickworker support team consisted of 3 members – Mandy, Daniel and Angelina – who took care of all the support questions. But as the Clickworker community grew, so did the number of incoming support requests. Meanwhile, we noticed how much know-how the community was already sharing among themselves within the social media networks. An idea sparked about a community that supports itself. Thus, instead of outsourcing our workload to other companies, we simply crowdsourced it to the best possible people: Clickworkers, who had in time acquired so much knowledge about clickworker and its processes, they had nearly as much insight into some projects as we have.

Fast-forward: Today, the Clickworker-Support-Team consists of 10 members from various countries. They form a great team; always playing to their strengths by sharing and expanding their knowledge and tips among each other and generally contributing to a great atmosphere. Together they are answering support requests in German and English about all possible topics. Thanks to them we were able to reduce the support response times and offer a 24/7 support for the first time. This enables us to dedicate much more time to each individual request – no more rushing through it.

In the following blog articles we will give you a glimpse into the life and background of your fellow Clickworker colleagues which have taken the definition of “supporting the Clickworker Community” to a next level. Stay tuned!

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