Trends in Content Marketing


Trends in Content Marketing

Trendy Content Fulfills Expectations

User demand for content that is targeted and effective in the long-term is on the rise. This is a signal to those marketers responsible for content to examine what they have generated based on the most important criteria, and if necessary to reconfigure. Only high quality content marketing in its many facets consistently reaches the target and user groups.

The Most Important Trends in Content Marketing

The tools of content marketing must be continually reviewed and to some extent reinvented. Where a short time ago it was simple texts with numerous keywords that Google expected from those responsible for content marketing, today it is added value, retention time and mobile usage. Target and user groups impose constantly growing expectations on delivered content. Nondescript content is punished by users leaving a page within seconds. Quality, presentation innovation, and variety – these are the challenges that content marketing must master

    The most current trends in content marketing include:
  • an orientation towards mobile usage,
  • the expressive visualization of contents
  • relevant and high-quality content that is informative for the reader
  • storytelling and content in episodes
  • the acquisition of additional new channels of communication
  • cooperation with influential insiders

Content Marketing Strategy Geared Towards Mobile Usage

Users with mobile devices behave differently than desktop users. The first step in being able to optimize content to fit the habits of mobile consumers, is to understand user behavior. Mobile users expect content with meaningful information in a compact presentation. Their preferred hangouts are the social networks, where a brisk information exchange in the form of search queries and evaluations takes place.

Visualization – the Subject of the Future

The subject of visualization plays an important role and is a rising trend. High-quality videos are well-suited here, as is the enrichment of informative content with expressive photo material. However this insight cannot necessarily be called a novelty. And especially considering that Daniel Newman made the claim in his Forbes blog that pure text content is already a thing of the past. Content consisting only of text has always been less popular that content augmented with visuals.
On the contrary the issue is and always has been about presenting content that is entertaining and diverse. This includes integrated video just as much as informative images. One difficulty that content marketing absolutely has to take into account, is the multifaceted nature of the market participants on the customer side. This group presents itself homogeneously, or with broadly varying expectations and abilities, depending on the product. The more varied these characteristics are, the more difficult it makes the formulation of the content marketing message, because the presented content has to impart an unambiguous message to the entire target audience. In these situations a combination of visualization and text is an excellent alternative to service all segments of a complex target group.

Content Marketing Stands for Relevant Information and storytelling

Extensive and relevant information of continuously increasing quality is the trend, and is clearly demanded by target audiences. Publications are leaving superficiality behind and moving towards more in-depth content.
For the broad target audience the subject of storytelling is taking on meaning. Companies are distancing themselves from content that is studded with self-praise, and are specifically targeting emotion. By means of storytelling, innovative content marketing is building relationships. This is an established approach in marketing communication that is already being practiced with great success outside of mobile devices and the worldwide web.
Large corporations especially used episodic content in 2015, in which they simultaneously employed storytelling and the design element of a serial. It is a trend with outstanding success so far, as demonstrated by the Coca Cola series Crossroads. It remains to be seen whether or not this trend can establish itself as a permanent instrument of content marketing.

The lesson for high-quality content is clear: Never disappoint expectations with a meaningful metadescription that has information poor texts behind it. Keep your promises to win over your target audience with content marketing.

New Communication Channels and Avenues in Content Marketing

The social networks are an important component in all content marketing. Depending on the target audience, companies employ Facebook’s networks and their aging circle of users. Snapchat and Instagram are experiencing a strong upsurge with the young, hip generation. Snapchat especially lends itself to products that prefer to speak to a young target audience through visualized storytelling.

Another important subject is the cooperation of businesses with influential personalities, so-called online or social media influencers. The integration of corporate content into the blogs or social profiles of these influencers is still a new avenue; but experience so far confirms the value of this new content marketing tool.

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