Easter customs worlwide – Herring funerals, water battles and Easter bonfires


Easter – many people celebrate the resurrection of Christ all over the world. However, around the globe, very different traditions and some quite crazy traditions have evolved. We have listed a few examples here.
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In Germany, Easter is about the Easter bunny and brightly colored eggs. Freshly cut, springtime branches are decorated with hollow painted eggs. Children and other young-at-heart go outdoors on an Easter egg hunt. In some regions, “Eierschieben” or “Eiertrudeln” are a favorite Easter pastime. This is done by rolling hard-boiled Easter eggs down a gentle slope.

In France, Easter eggs are not delivered by rabbits; they are brought by the church bells. When the bells otherwise chime all year round, they remain silent between Holy Thursday and Easter Saturday. On Easter Sunday, the ringing of the bells celebrates the Resurrection of Christ. And how do the bells get the eggs? It is said that the church bells visit the Pope in Rome and bring eggs with them on the return journey.

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In Poland, you get wet on Easter Monday. On the occasion of the “Smingus-Dyngus,” young and old hose each other down with plenty of water. Whether this custom dates from a heathen cleansing ritual or the baptism of Mieszko I in 996, is unknown.

In Romania, light plays a big part in the Easter celebrations. Easter bonfires are ablaze on the fields, and festive candles are lit in the churches and taken outside after mass.

In Ireland, Good Friday marks a quiet start to the Easter holiday. In former times animals were not slaughtered and wood was not burned on Good Friday. The Easter Sunday meal, usually consisting of lamb and leek soup, is also a quiet affair. However, a bit of craziness is allowed in some places: in a symbolic ceremony herrings are buried to mark the end of Lent.

That was it for today. We hope you have a relaxed Good Friday! The next Easter blog article appears tomorrow.

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