Interview: Meet Support Clickworker Ines – the Job Juggler


Ines, you are a Clickworker Support Team member and moderator in the forum clickworker lounge (Portuguese board and general questions board). You have been doing these jobs for quite some time now. Can you recall your beginnings at clickworker?

Ines Support Clickworker I first registered as a user in 2012, but only started really working on clickworker and participating in the forum around the end of that year. I found all the information there amazing, and I really enjoyed the environment of sharing information. When I was invited as a moderator, I was really happy to be able to help a bit further. My professional situation was really hard at that time. The company I worked for was going to close and I was going to be unemployed and clickworker was the breath of fresh air that I needed in my life. It helped me to have something to focus on rather than just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Even though I was just working voluntarily in the beginning, I couldn’t wait to get home and read what was going on in the clickworker world.

I remember when we first noticed you in the forum. You seemed rather shy at first, but also very polite and quite a source of helpful information and hints. You had all the qualities we were looking for in a moderator.

Yes, I’m a bit shy, but I loved the coming and going of information between users. It was really helpful for me, and I’m a big fan of paying it forward. However, since most of what we do is done voluntarily it’s impossible for any of us to available 24/7. Sometimes it might get a bit messy, when there are payment problems, issues with UHRS, technical issues with the website… we’re all in the same boat, because we are just Clickworkers like all the other users. It can be frustrating when there is an issue concerning a project or payment, but we always try our best to keep the information flowing between clickworker and users.

At the moment, I have a new full time job. I work as a production manager at a publishing company.

Publishing books is certainly one of the most fascinating jobs one can have (aside from writing books I suppose). If I recall correctly, your publishing agency speciallizes in the science fiction genre. You get to read so many interesting new novels.

It’s a bit time consuming, but working with books, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy books is really rewarding. There are always new worlds and new characters to discover. I’m actually a bit sad for not having as much free time as I used to, but that’s just how life goes. I’m always logged in in the evening though, reading what’s going on, answering emails when I can, checking the registries on the forum. It’s actually something I really enjoy doing, and it’s always fun to talk with other users and all the people in the support team. Sometimes it can be frustrating to see that some users don’t appreciate the amount of time volunteers put in to moderate and participate in the forum, or the effort we make to answer all emails as soon as possible and help out as much as we can, but then there is always this one Clickworker that sends you a sweet thank you email, and it just makes your day. ;)

How does your workspace look like?

I do have a small office in my apartment, but since I’m not a full time freelancer at the moment, my workspace is actually my couch, surrounded by my two cats.

Ines' cats at work

How cute..What are you doing when you are not (click)working?

Relaxing. I watch a lot of series and movies. After work I really enjoy going to a place where I can drink a couple of beers, look at a nice view and listen to some music. I used to read a lot of books, however since I read a lot (and I mean A LOT) of books for work, I tend to stay away from them when I’m home relaxing.

What would you say are your most outstanding personal characteristics?

I’m a bit of a geek, I love horror movies, cats, hardcore punk music, Adidas sports shoes and the colour yellow

Favorite saying:
Never regret a thing you’ve done, and never do something that you might regret

Thanks for the interview Ines! It has been most illuminating.

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Rabéa 02.06.2016, 09:02:47 Uhr



I read (i must admit at random) the interview of Ines (the support clickworker) and I always wondered how it was possible to work for Clickworker company. I have always been attracted by languages and right now, I would like to give another direction to my life especially by helping the others.

Can you give me some information?! That would be nice of you.

Ihab Abu Mhadi 16.06.2016, 00:21:56 Uhr


I am looking to work with you, I have many skills and i will be happy to share these skills with you and help you for some projects,
But i am living in Gaza strip-Palestine and you did not support workers fro this region, so please can give support in my region as the first person from this region who work with you?
Thank you