Interview: Meet Support Clickworker Ines – the Job Juggler

29.04.2016 clickworker blog 2 Comments

Ines, you are a Clickworker Support Team member and moderator in the forum clickworker lounge (Portuguese board and general questions board). You have been doing these jobs for quite some time now. Can you recall your beginnings at clickworker?

Ines Support Clickworker I first registered as a user in 2012, but only started really working on clickworker and participating in the forum around the end of that year. I found all the information there amazing, and I really enjoyed the environment of sharing information. When I was invited as a moderator, I was really happy to be able to help a bit further. My professional situation was really hard at that time. The company I worked for was going to close and I was going to be unemployed and clickworker was the breath of fresh air that I needed in my life. It helped me to have something to focus on rather than just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Even though I was just working voluntarily in the beginning, I couldn’t wait to get home and read what was going on in the clickworker world.

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