Crowdsourcing – Creative Co-Creation at the Munich Airport


More and more companies employ crowdsourcing for particular work processes. The Munich Airport has started its own crowdsourcing platform, and the launch project is an idea contest for a highlight event.


Today many modern companies who want to come up with new ideas for products, develop creative projects, or design consumer goods more attractively, increasingly draw on the “crowd,” a group of customers or consumers, to share in their collective intelligence and hidden potential and skills. These firms assign important tasks to a group of independent individuals, analogous to outsourcing to a subcontractor. Consumers or members of networks participate in the projects, mostly offered through online portals, and there contribute their skills and knowledge.

Innovation Platform for the Munich Airport

With crowdsourcing complex tasks can be mastered efficiently, and unexpected solutions to specific problems can be found. Prestigious firms like Cisco or BMW leverage the “intelligence of the masses” and make use of their customers’ existing skills in their work processes. Now the Munich Airport, the second largest in Germany, which has been rated a “five star airport” by the London aeronautics institute Skytrax, has decided to employ the “wisdom of the many” for brainstorming, and has created its own crowdsourcing platform (InnovationPilot). With their multifaceted ideas the members of the online community can take part in topic directed projects, or comment on and improve existing concepts.

Collective Intelligence as an Opportunity for Businesses

“We are convinced that customers have innovative ideas,” says Carina Aichele, marketing manager at the Munich Airport. Via a crowdsourcing platform the company is trying to use the imaginative potential of the community to make the airport even more attractive. “It’s about integrating the passengers and airport visitors into the further development of the airport,” the marketing expert explains. For many companies crowdsourcing offers a strategic means of staying competitive, opening new markets, and binding consumers more tightly to their products or brand through the internet. The crowd workers engage voluntarily for the fun of collective action, to contribute added value through their experiences and imaginative approaches, or to devote themselves to non-material or social objectives.

Creative Ideas for a Terrific Highlight Event

For the initial project the Munich Airport, which represents a singular world of experience with its shopping areas and service facilities, has announced an idea competition. Visitors and fans of the airport are called upon to submit inventive suggestions for a spectacular highlight event at the Munich Airport Center (MAC Forum). As Europe’s widest, roofed open space, it attracts many airport guests and customers with its exquisite shops, restaurants, and convention halls. The Forum is also a popular venue for large annual events like the summery Surf & Style, or the beloved Christmas market with its ice skating area.

The corporation, which wants to actively get in touch with airport guests via the innovations platform, expects “value for both sides” from the crowdsourcing campaign. “We’re also giving our customers something in return,” says Carina Aichele, namely the pleasure of helping to create a breadth of experience for the airport based on their own wishes, and of developing creative concepts. Virtually anyone who belongs to the airport’s internet community can participate in the project, like visitors, residents of the surrounding area, those who have attended previous events, even members of the international community, for example from China or Singapore. Interested persons can take part in the competition with their own suggestions until July 17, 2016. From the concepts submitted through the platform, a jury will select the three best, most viable and inventive ideas and reward them with a tablet, a camera or MAC gift certificates.

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Mohammad Irfan Alam 23.07.2016, 09:21:50 Uhr


Would like to have the fullest detail of the program.

Metallyrg 24.07.2016, 01:01:17 Uhr


Our prayers are with all those affected by the horrible attacks in Munich. This cannot continue. The rise of terrorism threatens the way of life for all civilized people, and we must do everything in our power to keep it from our shores.

Kai 29.07.2016, 22:57:00 Uhr


Great article. Crowdsourcing is one of the best things a company can do, to speed up research and develompent for new products. The new platform, developed by “Münchner Startup innosabi”, will crete new possibilities in travel business. New Products from Customers for customers.