Define Your Own Crowd with the Building of Teams

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building crowd teams

In our marketplace you can build any number of Clickworker teams for yourself, which can then either be chosen or excluded during the job creation process.


Reasons to create Teams

Usage of Expert Teams

Work Teams
Logically a team of Clickworkers can be put together whose previous work you have been especially pleased with. This allows you to direct the work upcoming jobs specifically to the Clickworkers on your expert team. In this way you can better guide the results and help align them with your expectations.

Survey Panels
Furthermore, creating teams is also highly valuable when it comes to conducting online surveys and panel studies. You can define your selected participants from past surveys within your expert team and invite them specifically for the next survey. This facilitates efficient and ongoing data collection for longitudinal studies, enabling you to track and analyze developments and changes over an extended period.

Usage of Blocklists

On the other hand a team of Clickworkers can be assembled that you wish to exclude from future tasks, and thereby define as a blocklist. This is especially useful when you personally weren’t as pleased with the results, for example their text style, produced by these Clickworkers.

But it also makes sense to create a blocklist of Clickworkers for subsequent jobs like online surveys, to prevent the same workers from taking part in the survey again.

In the following, we explain step by step to you how the building of teams works.


How to Create Your Teams

  1. Log into our marketplace with your customer access.

  2. Choose the menu option “Teams” in the left column below.

    building crowd teams

  3. Click on the button: “New Team” at the very top of the page.

    building crowd teams

  4. Give your team a name, include a note for yourself about the team if desired, and click on the button “Create Team”.

    building crowd teams

  5. Choose the Clickworkers you want to have on the team.
    When doing this you can search for individual users by their user ID or nickname. (You only receive the user IDs of workers who participated in an externally created survey if you answer “yes” to the option “Add unique ID of the Clickworker” during the job creation process. For all other jobs, user IDs are included in your order display under the tab “Data and Results”.)
    Another option is to call up Clickworkers who have participated in your previous projects. Here you can select either single or all Clickworker to be added to the team.

    Cbuilding crowd teams

    Both fields can be used respectively as search windows for certain Clickworkers or projects.

  6. Put a checkmark next to the Clickworkers that you want to include in the team, and then click on the button “Add selected”.

    Cbuilding crowd teams

  7. The team has now been created. Clickworkers can be removed from the team, new members added, and the team name or notes edited at will.

    With Blocklists, you can also specify whether these should be used automatically for each of your orders. This option excludes the listed Clickworkers from participating in your orders completely. To do this, simply place a check mark next to “Default blocklist” under the option “Edit”.

    building crowd teams