Shop Bloggers – Texts for E-Commerce


Shop bloggers - Texts for E-Commerce

Online internet shops offer a diverse palette of attractive products, and modern stores favorably present their services. The number of companies, goods and brands competing on the web is overwhelming. Shop blogs represent an ideal way to position yourself effectively in the e-commerce world, to attract the attention of users and to solicit customers.

In a weblog belonging to the company, shop bloggers inform users about relevant questions and subjects concerning the store and its offerings. In continuously produced (usually weekly), precise, content rich blog posts they deliver practical pointers and tips for the use of their products, in-depth knowledge and explanations. Shop bloggers report on special events, provide curious readers insight into the company’s daily goings-on, into the production of the products and cooperation with trade partners, or describe the store’s ecological approach. By writing their articles from a subjective perspective, they lend the company behind the internet shop a fascinating, personal character.

Shop Bloggers – Shop Blogging as Content Strategy

Shop blogging constitutes an important strategy in content marketing. Via shop blogging potential customers can be made aware of the company, and consumers bound long-term with the aid of subjects that have been worked up in an appealing and target audience specific manner. Shop bloggers tell exciting stories about the formation of the company, as well as the origin and special features of the products. They give users useful suggestions, amusingly discuss controversial subjects, explain significant industry trends and developments, and prove themselves to be experts based on the competencies they demonstrate.

Shop Bloggers – Shop Blogs Have Communicative Function

With shop blogs it can even be possible, with the help of high-quality content, to attract the interest of public media (like newspapers and magazines), whereby the company will be introduced to a wider audience. For successful online commerce, shop blogging fulfills critical communicative functions because it provides various opportunities to interact with customers. With the contents of a single article or post, common user questions can be answered, suggestions accepted, or topic-specific problems elaborated on. The articles can be meaningfully connected to popular social media channels and used as a reason to establish contact with users. In addition readers can be prompted to interaction and given the opportunity to comment on and share the articles.

Shop Bloggers – Shop Blogging Increases SEO Ranking

With regularly maintained shop blogs, the ranking of online portals by search engines can be significantly improved. By making unique and interesting content available, which attracts users and is rated positively by Google and Co., website traffic (number of visitors) gradually increases and with that the conversion rate (sales numbers) also. The for search engine optimization (SEO) continually updated articles should be flexibly constructed, and enriched with multimedia elements. In addition they should also be enriched with keywords that are important for the web shop. Therefore shop bloggers include images and videos in their articles too, for example to illustrate product application. Via a shop blog the number of internal links, which are meaningful for a good search engine optimization (SEO), grows almost automatically. Likewise the chance increases that other internet platforms will link to the valuable content of the articles. Because shop blogging often requires a considerable investment of time, energy and creative effort, freelance authors or text agencies (like clickworker for example) can be hired to create the articles.

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