Halloween Raffle – Find all hidden Words!


Happy Halloween! Are you in the mood for a Halloween word search puzzle? Find all hidden words to solve it. If you are lucky you are one of our 4 winners and 25€ will be added to your Clickworker account.

Halloween Raffle

This is how to win the Halloween raffle:

  • Find all hidden words.
  • Send us an email to contest@clickworker.com with the subject “Halloween raffle”.
  • The prize money of respectively 25€ will be raffled to four winners and credited to their Clickworker accounts.
  • Closing date ist he 11/02/2016.
  • Good luck!

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    Mandy Steffan, Community Management

    5 Kommentare

    humangrid 15.11.2016, 10:09:51 Uhr


    Brenn 15.11.2016, 13:43:01 Uhr

    Will the results or winners be announced?

    Chitralekha 18.11.2016, 12:36:03 Uhr

    I mailed ten words found in this grid.
    I find the last date is 11/2/2016, but it is still available.
    so I took a chance.
    Chitralekha Shalom

    Brenn Poppe 19.11.2016, 15:56:53 Uhr

    When will the results of the Halloween raffle be announced?

    angelina 23.11.2016, 11:02:09 Uhr

    Here are the winners of our contest!