The new API Explorer

November 7, 2016

Mobile Workforce

For the past eight years we have provided our customers with a service option that enables them to integrate our services via an API into their IT infrastructure and company workflows. Our customers can use the API for example to place new orders, or submit order data and get the results directly back into their system. This service is popular and is being increasingly used. We have now further optimized the API for our customers.

clickworker’s new API Explorer

Previously, two PDF files (Concepts and Reference), explaining the use and integration of the API, were available as written documentation. We have now added an interactive surface on our Sandbox environment to try out the individual API endpoints.
This illustrates which headers must be set and what an appropriate response looks like. In addition, a sample-curl-command is generated for every request, which allows you to test the API on your own computer. This simplifies the incorporation of our API in the customer system because the individual calls can better be tested during the development.


  1. Open the API Explorer page.
  2. Click on “Authorize” on the upper right, and log in with your API credentials.API
  3. Select one of the endpoints, for example POST task_templates.
  4. In “Parameters” click the “Example field” once (see screenshot).API
    The sample data will be taken over as the parameter and can still be edited.
  5. Send the Request with “Try it out” and view the results.


We hope you enjoy working with the new Explorer. If you have additional questions or comments about the clickworker API, our support team would be glad to hear from you via email at


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Christian Rozsenich