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As the title has already revealed, clickworker has finally brought the long-awaited app for mobile devices to market, and with that has also paved the way for new job types.

Beginning immediately surveys can be worked on from a smartphone or tablet, videos can be watched, and interesting apps downloaded and tested. But that is just the beginning – in the next app update there will be a button in the app that takes the mobile user to the regular Clickworker workplace and the projects available there.

App Versions and Operating Systems

At the moment the app is only available for iPhones (currently at iOS 10) and iPads under the name “Clickworker App” in the iTunes store.

Regrettably Android users have to be patient a little while longer until the clickworker Android app can be finished and launched, but in the meantime there is a workaround. If you log into the clickworker workplace as normal through the website using your smartphone, you’ll see a new type of assignment on the dashboard under the name “Mobile Jobs.” Click on that and you’ll land on the mobile “web form/offerwall” which is specially optimized for smartphones.

Attention: Although the project will display on a PC or Mac, most of the jobs there can only be worked on via a mobile device.

What Do the Jobs Look Like?

mobile job examples

The job offers are clearly listed one below the other. Under each job you’ll find brief instructions that explain exactly what needs to be done, and the fee amount for the job. With an app job that could, for example, look like this:

After downloading and then starting the first app, this example job would be completed and the Clickworker would receive 12 cents for the task. Especially true for app jobs: not every downloaded app will suit your personal taste. It is sufficient to leave them on your phone for approximately 1 week before uninstalling them again.

Helpful Tips

When downloading apps be aware that the apps are always to be downloaded directly from the offerwall. If an offered app is not available it can sometimes happen that replacement apps are offered through redirection. However these third party apps were not included in clickworker testing – so when in doubt, stay away from them.

Unlike with surveys in the clickworker workplace, we are unfortunately not able to check the content of our partners’ surveys in advance. This is regrettable, but there is no other technical solution. Therefore we recommend where possible not to reveal personal information like your name, email address or banking details if there are surveys that request this.

Payment for Mobile Jobs – How Does it Work?

The fees in the app are always shown in cents, even for higher paying jobs. The money earned so far in the app is displayed in the upper left in your personal account balance, also in cents.

Mobile account balance:
mobile balance

After completion of the jobs, the fees are ordinarily posted promptly to your clickworker account, and are then visible on your statement. Earnings from the mobile app are always payable after 60 days.

What to Do if You Have Problems?

In the app, and also in the mobile web form, there is a yellow Support button in the upper right corner. Get in touch with the job provider directly via this button if you have problems.

Happy clickworking!

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Angelina Conic

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Lisa Wynne 24.11.2016, 11:21:49 Uhr


I am not able to download clickworker from the website

angelina 24.11.2016, 15:33:37 Uhr


Hi Lisa, Thanks for the info! I updated the link. Can you please try again? Angelina
Support & Community Management

Emma 28.11.2016, 01:35:07 Uhr


Hi, do you have any plans on releasing this to Windows Phones? I own a Lumia 550.

Many thanks

Daniel Marz 01.12.2016, 13:02:09 Uhr


Hi Emma, there are no current plans for a Windows Phone version. Next up will be an Android version and if we see enough request for a Windows phone version, we will probably consider providing one.

Brenda Sanders 03.12.2016, 09:00:35 Uhr


on the mobile site do u have to download a app to get paid if so want that take up your available space and no one i don’t think wants to buy a lot apps or apply for any specific request so will it get where u can just test and watch an not buy the app

Melissa 15.12.2016, 18:22:38 Uhr


Hi Daniel, I also would like to see this in a Windows phone version! Thanks for your consideration!

emariner 24.12.2016, 19:21:29 Uhr


than here’s one more request for WP app

Yuri 28.12.2016, 09:12:20 Uhr


“Unlike with surveys in the clickworker workplace, we are unfortunately not able to check the content of our partners’ surveys in advance. This is regrettable, but there is no other technical solution.”

– I wish there was a way to report surveys that do ask for personal info like names, though

EmmaBV 13.01.2017, 13:54:30 Uhr


Here is one more Emma with a request for a Windows app! Please do not forget/neglect us Windows users.

EmmaBV 16.01.2017, 14:50:47 Uhr


One more Emma here with a Lumia as well.
Please do not forget/ignore us Windows phone users!