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Besides jobs for SEO text writers, online surveys especially have recently become a product much in demand at clickworker. According to their exact specifications, clients can choose their desired target group from nearly one million clickworkers, and easily create an appropriate survey using our self-service marketplace. These are the best conditions to quickly and reasonably collect a large amount of data for a scientific investigation or a market research project.

Due to the number of jobs available, surveys offer many clickworkers new chances to work with us, now even mobile with our clickworker app. However there are several points to keep in mind, especially as a newcomer.

Fill your profile out carefully

Currently in your user profile you can indicate in more than 50 areas, whether you pursue them as a hobby, or even have some specialized knowledge in a subject. You shouldn’t ignore this opportunity. The more clickworkers fill out their profiles truthfully, the more specifically we can tailor our jobs to you. Of course this is also in our own interest. For example, do we even have enough potential participants for a client who would like to survey 1,000 German hobby cooks? This question can only be answered in advance when as many clickworkers as possible fill out their profiles.

Surveys of all kind

Allow yourself enough time for surveys

Completing surveys usually requires less time than, for example, writing product descriptions. Still, please make sure that you really have enough time to finish the entire job efore you begin a survey. In fact, it would even be best to plan for it to take a few additional minutes. It can always happen that you need to read questions multiple times, or simply have to think a little longer. And it doesn’t do you or the client any good if you have to quit a survey 15 minutes in when you’re almost done, just because your bus is coming.

Work thoughtfully and answer truthfully

For quality control many clients incorporate test questions into their surveys. For example, a question may specify exactly which answer you should click on. Or completely nonsensical answer options may be presented. If you answer these test questions incorrectly, it is possible that you will be excluded from further participation. This will usually also mean that you receive no fee. So always remain attentive, even at the end of a survey.

Let your friends know

Surveys are the most easily accessible projects on clickworker. They are therefore ideal for anyone who only wants to work for us occasionally, but has no desire or time for more elaborate projects or qualifications. Do you have friends or relatives who would also like to participate in surveys? Then share this article in your social media by using the buttons below. Or use your own personal referral link to inform your friends about this opportunity.

We are glad to welcome every “new clickworker.”

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Dominique 17.12.2016, 12:56:17 Uhr


I have an Iphone 7 plus for some reason I am having an issue.
I am unable to open the surveys.
Has anyone else had the same issue.

Maria Claudiana Marcolino dos Santos 23.12.2016, 06:08:25 Uhr


I want more Jobs at the site clickworker please.

Arnilo 10.01.2017, 18:38:09 Uhr


Hi! I’m currently having problem with my Clickworker profile, I don’t have any assessments. I signed up couple of months ago. Can you please help me out. Thanks