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Our “WebForms” tool arose from a project in North Rhine-Westphalia titled “web-to-crowd” that was completed at the end of March 2015. The goal of the project was to create a system that would make it easier for small and mid-sized digital media and content industry companies to access the crowd. As a consequence thereof we entirely revamped our self-service marketplace. Numerous features and a user friendly interface make it easier for less technically adept persons to place text creation orders, translations and surveys.

At the same time, the self-service marketplace also provides tools enabling users with large or ongoing order volume to customize the orders to meet their demands. One of these tools is the above-mentioned WebForm tool. This tool is integrated in every order process. In the survey sector, the tool will help you create your survey form. You can edit the task view, which is displayed to the Clickworkers in the text creation and translations sectors.
The tool can also be used separately and free of charge for your own purposes, irrespective of a text, translation or survey order placed within our marketplace.

Uses of the free form tool “WebForms”

With the WebForms tool you can create forms with Drag & Drop, and then embed them into your website or App. The appearance of the WebForms can be adapted to your ideas or your corporate design so that they fit in seamlessly with your website or App.

You can create or use the forms for example to obtain feedback or to collect and supplement data. Depending on the purpose, how you create the form and how you use the form, your request for information can be directed at different target groups. Target audiences might include, for example: your customers, employees, social media communities, users, your own crowd or our crowd.

Application example for collecting and supplementing data via a WebForm:

You have an App for hiking routes. Add a feedback or supplement button to your App. Link this button to a form created with our WebForm tool and integrated in your App. Users of the App can use the form to supplement existing data or report errors while they are hiking.

free form toolfree form tool


The data that is entered via WebForms can be accessed through your customer account on our self-service marketplace where it can then be accepted or declined. The data can be transferred with a connection to your CMS, exported as a file or automatically sent as an order to be processed by us (for example, translation or text corrections).

How to create WebForms free of charge

  1. Click the “Register” button on our homepage www.clickworker.com and complete the registration for our self-service marketplace to create a customer account.
    (Registration is free of charge)

  2. Login to our marketplace with your login data

  3. Click on the menu item “WebForms”

    free form tool

    and then on the button “New WebForms”

  4. You can now create your Webform.

    a) Give your Webform a name

    b) Use Drag & Drop to drag all the fields that the user is expected to complete into the form field. Each field can be edited. Add a header to the field, if necessary some remarks regarding how to complete the field, if needed, mark the field as a compulsory field, state the size of the field. Make further modifications according to your requirements.

    free form tool

    Use the design elements to add your logo with the “Image” field.

    To complete, press on the “Save form” button. You will now reach the “Settings” area.

    c) In the Settings area, you can make various adjustments to the settings in your Webform. Save all the settings you have made.

    With the tab „General Settings“
    you can select a color scheme for your form or create your own color scheme, if necessary.

    General Form Settings | clickworker.com

    With the “Confirmation Messages” tab
    you can draft a notification that is displayed to the user after the form has been sent.

    With the “Form Structure” tab
    you can make changes to the form you have created and adapt it.

    With the “JavaScript” tab
    you can optionally change the JavaScript Code, which is then loaded and carried out when the form is called up. This can be important, for instance, when using tracking codes.

    With the “Preview” tab
    you see a preview of the form you have created. If you want to make changes you can return to the “Form Structure” tab at any given time and make changes until you are satisfied with the preview result.

    free form preview

  5. Now go to your Dashboard. You will find a list of the forms you have already created.
    If you want to use your form immediately, click on the “Activate” button. Your form is now online.

    activate your free form

    You will find a list of all active forms under the tab “Active forms”. Use the “Preview” button displayed here to access the online view and the link to your form.

  6. Embed the form you created according to your needs in your website or App. You can also link the form with an order you have placed with us.

  7. The data received can be viewed at any given time on your Dashboard on the marketplace. To access the data go to the “Results” tab (see illustration under item 5) and accept the data received or refuse them.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team should you have any questions regarding our WebForm tool, or if you want to place an order. We look forward to your feedback at request@clickworker.com.

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