Halloween Contest 2019 – Solve the BLACK STORIES Mysteries and Win!

29.10.2019 clickworker blog 336 Comments

Pause that horror movie, because for this years Halloween Contest we have prepared two mystery puzzles for you, which will teach you the meaning of fear. In this blog article we’ll post two short excerpts from horror stories. Ask your yes/no questions in the comments below to get some sleuthing help for each mystery. But you better hurry, because with each additional clue your clickworker colleagues get a little closer to solving the puzzle!

Halloween Contest

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Get paid to read out loud – audio recording jobs


Controlling your smartphone without touching it is now possible using your voice. Sentences like, “Hey, Siri, what’s today’s weather going to be?” or “Ok, Google, navigate to my house” are common requests that your smartphone can easily process thanks to speech recognition. Today we’ll explain how you can not only easily earn money with audio recording jobs, but also make a large contribution to the development of speech tools.

The Smart Application of Speech Recordings

Train artificial intelligence through audio recording jobs

The usage of voice recognition already goes well beyond smartphones. So-called home assistants like Alexa turn your house into a smart home, for example by controlling your multimedia system via voice command. In addition, speech tools have also been successfully deployed in the medical field. Through voice recording, which is automatically transcribed as text, nursing staff can devote their time to patient care while simultaneously recording their health condition. The possible applications are therefore numerous, but the full potential is still a long way from being exhausted.

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