About clickworker

We utilize crowd knowledge to source expertise and availability of over six million Clickworkers to deliver fast, efficient projects to your company.

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About clickworker

We utilize crowd knowledge to source expertise and availability of over three million Clickworkers to deliver fast, efficient projects to your company.

Your Virtual Workforce – On Demand – Worldwide

With more than 6 million freelancers, known as Clickworkers, in Europe, America and Asia, clickworker is one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing.

clickworker offers scalable solutions in the area of

in 45 languages and in more than 70 target markets.

clickworker is a full-service provider and offers both standard and customized solutions for the implementation of data-oriented projects. These projects are automatically broken down into micro jobs and processed by qualified Clickworkers from the crowd. The results are then reassembled and transmitted to the customer in a quality-assured manner.

clickworker also offers a self-service solution via the online marketplace for smaller and standardized tasks in the areas of text creation, surveys, and sentiment analysis. These practice-proven services offer reliable and high-quality results with high output, outstanding scalability and significant cost savings.

Culture at clickworker

We invest in innovation & technology

We invest in innovation & technology

The possibilities of utilizing our platform are basically infinite. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of crowdsourcing services, all the while keeping our eyes open to new ideas. We are constantly developing our platform in order to tailor new solutions that will meet the requirements of the market.

Quality service is our priority

Quality service is our priority

Success to us is the success of our customers. Therefore, we undertake all efforts to ensure seamless project management and high-quality results that will benefit the goals of our customers. Professional know-how and more than fifteen years of experience make us a reliable partner.

Behind our success is a strong team

Behind our success is a strong team

clickworker fosters a spirit of creativity and encouragement that allows us to not only dream big but to implement ideas without big hurdles. We work in a highly motivated team committed to the achievements of our crowdsourcing platform where everyone brings their personal expertise to the table.

We care

We care

As an internationally active company with a community of more than 6m people, we believe that we have an impact and therefore a responsibility in society. As a result, we utilize our workforce for social projects, such as identifying and proceeding against right wing extremist websites.

Sustainability at clickworker

Sustainability at clickworker

At clickworker, we understand how important it is to be sustainable. As a company, and as part of the communities we serve, we take responsibility for the environment. Our focus is on optimizing all our business processes and the actions of our employees with regard to sustainability. We do this initially by measuring and recording our environmental impact and then acting to reduce it. Our goal is to be emission-neutral and to do everything we can to leave a thriving environment for future generations.

Your clickworker Team

Behind all the activity at clickworker is a world-class team, experienced in process design and optimization, project solutions, quality assurance, and IT. We will gladly take care of all your requests and questions.

Find your direct contacts here:

Christian Rozsenich

Managing Director

Mark Sewell

Vice President Marketing and Sales

Your contact for USA, Canada and Mexico

Vito Vishnepolsky

Head of Business Development

Your contact for USA, Canada and Mexico

Stephan Pamp

Director Sales

Your contact for the rest of the World

Nina Büssing

Customer Support Marketplace

Ines Maione

Marketing & PR

Angelina Conic

Head of Community Management

Florian Steinig

Head of Community Management

Jan-Arne Mentken

Head of Solutions

What inspires our team about clickworker

Working at clickworker as a former intern and now a full member of the team has been a truly inspiring journey. From my first day on the job, I felt welcomed and supported by my colleagues and have grown both personally and professionally because of it. The passion and drive that each and every one of my colleagues brings to the table is impressive.

Together, with the help of the clickworker crowd, we are changing the world by delivering innovative solutions and making a real impact. I am honored to be a part of this talented and dedicated team, and I am constantly motivated by the exciting projects we work on, knowing that our collective efforts are making a difference. – Robert, Marketing

Key points of the company development


Incorporation of humangrid GmbH


Creation of the self-service marketplace


Introduction of the clickworker logo brand and domain name


Crowd grows to 150,000 Clickworkers


Change of name from humangrid GmbH to clickworker GmbH
crowd grows to 500,000 Clickworkers


Crowd grows to 1 million Clickworkers
Development of the Clickworker App for iOS


Development of the Clickworker App for Android


Crowd grows to 2 million Clickworkers


ISO 27001 certification
Crowd grows to 4 million Clickworkers


Launch of the new AI Content Editing service
Crowd grows to 6 million Clickworkers

About Us

Certifications, Awards & Recognition

ISO Certification

We take information security very seriously

We have been certified according to ISO 27001 for our “Information Security Management System” (ISMS). Our ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical, and technical controls involved in our companies information risk management processes.

With our certified security standards, we ensure the highest possible level of data and IT security for our customers and ourselves.

More about our ISO Certification
BSH Startup award 2022

BSH Startup award 2022

The power of crowdsourcing earned us the Disruptor award by the BSH Startup Kitchen. In cooperation with Laundry Care Development, clickworkers successfully gathered relevant detergent information for the i-DOS database.

Clickworkers provided a substantial part of information for developing an automatic dosage program that will help use washing machines in an environmentally friendly way.

Read about our award at the BSH Startup Kitchen

What our Customers say about us

clickworker is a very attractive service provider for anyone who wants to have a large number of simple and recurring tasks automatically dealt with.


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