Achieving AI ROI Through Data Quality and Diversity

Investments in AI development are continuously increasing, which indicates that business leaders understand the business value and ROI. One of the most critical elements of the development of good AI models, that return high ROI, is well-sourced training data. Sans such data, a good AI model – and thus successful deployment – is likely impossible.

Christian Rozsenich, CEO of clickworker, talks with Emerj (a specialist AI research firm) about his company’s experience in successful customer AI Training projects and explains the importance and challenge of gathering high quality and diverse training data.

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Best practices to select, gather and use proper and model specific training data for AI development

The quality of training data directly influences the quality of the AI model. While obtaining a vast amount of source data may not be too difficult, getting data that is of good quality and diversity is. The reasons for such are various, but Mr. Rozsenich cites issues created by complex legal data privacy frameworks like GDPR in the EU, which has rendered much of the previously acceptable data unusable for training new AI models. It is also difficult for data scientists in certain industries to source good data. Rozsenich also states that certain types of organizations may have difficulties acquiring data for other reasons. For example, startups and small companies must often acquire quality training data on a limited budget or don’t yet possess this data. Companies often need someone who can help them source the data, ensure quality data, and ensure that the data is legit.

In this paper, we will examine two critical elements of good data – quality and diversity – via two of clickworker’s typical use cases: facial recognition and voice recognition. We will also expound upon what constitutes good data quality, along with the challenges of acquiring said data. We’ll also look at what steps one leading data enrichment firm, clickworker, did to overcome these challenges and add value for its client.

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